Tuesday, December 30

2008: The year that was

This year was THE fastest year in 17 years of my life. It was starkly different. Life-changing. Physically transforming. Full of unexpected twists. Disappointment, anger, surprise, boredom, excitement all rolled into one.

This year, I:

Changed my hairstyle 3 times, within 6 months. That makes it 2 months 1 hairstyle. And to imagine I used to have coconut hairstyle from my first haircut till form 2... Read more

Worked in Genting from January 1st to April 30th. It was actually my first job. Looking back, it was a really worthwhile experience; my colleagues were all real nice. My bosses were even nicer; always belanja makan one :) Plus I learned bowling, karaoke(not exactly something you need to learn la... but my 1st karaoke experience was at Genting) & proper way of playing badminton there... Read more

Didn't get JPA scholarship. It wasn't a big blow to me or something, because I'm not exactly eloquent/charismatic/outstanding/outspoken, in any way. I'm just a normal, hardworking (cheh) girl who worries too much over everything. (lol don't worry though I don't have OCD. I think.) Read more

Finally decided to take A-levels at Inti College Subang Jaya. Turned out to be a good choice and made some A-W-E-S-O-M-E friends at college (high school friends rock too!! just so you know) and did lots of crazy, out of this world stuff that are best left unknown. Or else it will cause public distress. Read more

Got myself contact lenses. That I didn't dare wear to our high school class gathering; I thought that they would melt under steam and I would get blind. -_-"

Developed rashes and my skin started peeling, like literally. Like a snake. And it all started right after I got my contacts and 2 days before my birthday! But all is well now, except for some roughness around my chin. Soon after my dad developed shingles (which is sorta like old people chickenpox) so my rashes was probably due to chickenpox that I eventually passed to my dad. Read more

Went for karaoke for 10++ times this year. The "me" last year would never think of stepping into a karaoke lounge, what more sing my intestines out and strip dance in it (I stripped my jacket only la ok)

Groomed my eyebrows. You should check out some of my older posts. I could make Crayon Shin Chan get down on all fours and call me "si-fu".

But there are still some unresolved matters; like what do I really, really want to do in life. My career. My future. Actually I'm pretty interested in Advertising but I chose a path in science. But I know things will just be all right once the time is right (wahh I like very mature like dat hor? *immerses in self-admiring*)

Hopefully 2009 be a blast! And all the best to those who are going overseas next year for further studies... Blogging is a good way of keeping in touch :)


Anonymous said...


thx for proofreading my essays. it really helps. i still read your blogs. so one year has gone since we were in secondary school. i think you acheive a lot in 2008. remember to call me out to "lim teh", i wanna belanja u makan for all help.

Stay healthy, stay young and pretty.take care.

Koh Sin Yee

Timmy said...

Happy New Year! 2008 had been a year full of changes for me too.