Sunday, December 31

Hopes & Wishes for 2007

The new year is just around the corner and the school holidays (which were badly spent, like every year) are almost over. So here are my new year resolutions:

  • Grow (at least) 7 cm taller. I have no idea how did i end up this short. (by the way, i'm 150cm/5 feet. gasp!) Seriously. With parents at 160 and 165cm each, i suspect my genes have been mutated, although not in the X-Men way(awh! what a pity. imagine Lil' Librainy saves the day from the Humongous Hippos! ok i promise to stop crapping)
  • Get straight As in my SPM. No matter how much i daydream, i'll still have to come back to earth and sit for my exams. Flunking it would mean shattering all my dreams!
  • Work on my blog with 100% dedication. Sometimes i write on impulse so it comes off a bit chatty (e.g. now!! 'cause it's the last day of 2006 and i have to finish the resolutions by today). Do you have any idea how hard is it to please my enormous fan-base?
  • Stop squeezing my pimples and blackheads. THIS is the hardest one to accomplish.. My fingers get all itchy scratchy when they're idle! I'm saving my pimples right now (temporarily) by making my fingers all busy with typing... Dear face, run! run while you still can!!)
So there you have it... Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill these resolutions and wish you all a happy new year!

Saturday, December 30

The Reconnection of the Cables

Yes, like other avid bloggers out there, I'm elated to find out that faster internet connection is back!!! YAY! *in an undertone* sorry to those Librainy-haters, (if any, but i doubt it) you'll have to listen to my incessant (yet, so intellectual) chatterings once again!

Ehem... *clears throat* But I suppose i shouldn't be overjoyed due to the fact that people are still suffering from the tremors of the earthquake! It is indeed a blessing to live in Malaysia; apart from the extra high crime rate and neverending corruption and rude drivers and racial inequality (oops! i sure hope i don't get sued for that), Malaysia's actually a pretty nice place to live in! No natural disasters and plenty of natural resources! It's Visit Malaysia Year in 2007 so I hope this won't spoil Malaysia's reputation... (as if tourists will browse my blog like i'm Lonely Planet or something)

Tuesday, December 19

Devilish Saints (a.k.a Naughty Children)

This may sound paradoxical, but it's entirely true! Children (esp. your nieces and nephews) always look oh-so-saintly, cute and naive all at the same time, but beware... because there's a dark side in every one of them... *Darth Vader breathing sound effect* I myself had a few personal experiences with their (extremely!!) manipulative character.

I have always found it hard to get along with children, esp. those around 5-7 years old, mainly because :
(a) i wear braces, which really freaks them out when i flash my oh-too-wiry smile at them and
(b) i just don't look like Santa Claus, e.g. someone with lots of sweets and presents... So, no point sticking around, right?

But once they've figured out that my braces are not WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and I'm a kind and good person (finally! they know the truth.), they'll stick close to me in a leech-like manner or drag me around the room or grab my hand and use it to touch their parents butts (obviously i didn't fall for that! come ON, i'm not THAT weak) or climb all over the place, waiting for me to catch them and imagine my fear if they end up in the hospital with a cement cast over their legs and half my body into my own coffin when I receive scolding from their parents!


*and panting*

*and panting again*

Phew! The last sentence was too long i didn't catch enough breath! (okay.. i know it's lame..)

Stuff about children to watch out for:
a) Children come to you for a reason. They want to USE you.
b) If you touch something precious that's theirs,(esp. christmas presents!) they'll go "It's MINE!!! All MINE!!!" (Sounds familiar? Remember "my precioussss..."?)
c) Don't try to outsmart them. When they start crying, your doom will come. Really!

It's a tough, tough world out there. Friend, wish you good luck and may you be safe from the evils of the little people... Well, at least you're taller than them! (although not as evil)

Saturday, December 9

SALE!!! 80% off all products! Limited Offer!

Did that manage to grab your attention? That was my apparent motive; but the my true intention is......
hehe. Can't tell you now. Finish reading and you'll know.

For almost or approximately two years, I've been working on my blog, initially in Friendster and now in Blogger...I'm extremely sorry for those (fans) who have been waiting for my every next posting as (im)patiently as I am waiting for the 7th and final instalment of the Harry Potter series. (Argghh! the waiting is... too... bear... *Librainy grabs her head in fury and frustration, again*)

I digress but my point is, every time I update my blog, it seems that constantly nagging my friends to post comments on my blog is the only way to promote my blog. Isn't there an easier way out??? *sob*

The conversation mostly goes like this: (in msn)

Librainy: Hey there!
XXX: Hey
Librainy: r u free rite now?
XXX: yeah why?
Librainy: no lar, cuz i've jz updated my blog, can u check it out if u hav time?
XXX: sure
Librainy: feel free to post comments if u like it, k?
XXX: ok
Librainy: it's, in case u 4got
XXX: thx
Librainy: thx a million! love ya!

(I see lots of people nodding in agreement and recognition!!! what's THEIR problem?)

See? I've done it sooo many times that it's all in my head now :P

By the way, I chose this title for this post simply because everyone likes to buy cheap stuff even though we don't need it, so it would grab your attention better than some other boring title. So the true intention is for you to read this post. Feel cheated?

p.s. sorry for being so nasty this time (heck, when did bad guys start to apologise for crime?) but anywayz

To: santa claus,

i've been nice all year so plz forgive me this once and grant me the present I deserve!

Lots of loves and kisses and hugs,
Librany the nice and brainy

Friday, December 1

*~Movie of the Month~*

Lo behold! Trailer to the movie of the month:

The clock strikes 8. Darkness falls. Librainy scribbles tirelessly (she is, after all, brainy) to complete her James Tan (Add maths) homework, due for tomorrow. Suddenly, a commotion happens at the house opposite and a high-pitched wailing is heard. *must be the neighbour's kid* thought Librainy. Scribbling continues. But wailing continues. She peers out of the window, being a curious girl.

*tv screen blacks out*

....unexpected happenings in the neighbourhood....

Librainy runs out of the house. She sees a car, a bleeding woman and a pool of blood. Neighbours start emerging from the darkness.

..........who will survive, and who will not?............

...........based on a true story.........

The Incident of the House Opposite Librainy's

Wait. This is a true story.

This is a message to everyone out there: the world is getting more and more dangerous and notorious; you can't predict what will happen next. Just yesterday, my neighbour was robbed and slashed twice using a parang. (and i really was doing my homework at that time) no one saw the thief (he was clothed in black) and he rode away in his motorbike as fast as he came. the victim was bleeding all over and it was the 1st time EVER that i saw so much blood! she was screaming and all of us felt pretty helpless as we couldn't do anything... eventually her mother sent her to the hospital (she was in her early 20s) it really freaked me out and i dreamt of using taekwondo to fight the baddies that night :)

But don't worry too much; don't be surprised to find yourself in the police station if you wave about your cooking knife to every dark-clothed motorcylist on the road! (or perhaps Hospital Bahagia, if you're unlucky...)