Friday, November 28

Of dim sums, TVB empty wallet T.T

The stark contrast between Hong Kong and Macau? Definitely the hotel rooms.

Room at Macau vs. Room at Hong Kong

A single bed at Macau could actually fit all of us three (Mom, Dad & I) while one bed at Hong Kong could barely accomodate 2 people without having one of them fall of the bed.

No wonder there were barely any fat people around in Hong Kong. One could not risk having his/her waistline any wider than the door/walkways!

And the food in Hong Kong ain't cheap either; a bowl of mee normally costs 18HKD/RM 9; in Malaysia you can eat 3 bowls of Hokkien mee already loh! And I suppose you have to choose the right makan store; 'cause the stalls that we went to were just okay; AND they didn't have proper, spicy chilli sauce/sambal!!! I remembered missing nasi lemak soooo much :(

Vivi Mag selling for 30 HKD/RM 15; in Malaysia it's only RM 11

The Twisties that look like twisties tetapi dipanggil Fonzies; honestly I don't know why they the packaging looks identical. But I checked, it was made in Malaysia. -_-"

Please enlighten me; is RM 3.50 for a pack of chewing gum considered cheap? 'cause seriously I don't know... because I seldom buy sweets (and most of the time I'm not the one paying for it :P)

As for places of interest, there weren't any outstanding ones; just lots of "oh lets just take some pictures and go" places; (do people actually understand what I'm saying? lol)

The Jumbo Boat-cum-restaurant; apparently the God of Gamblers/King of Gamblers (赌神) movie was filmed there

The Temple Street Market at Yau Ma Tei (油麻地) , very near from our hotel (Dorsett Seaview). The stall vendors are very smart though; they only layan ang-moh customers. Maybe they know us Asians will surely touch here touch there, discuss among one another, shake our heads and just walk away; OR try to bargain. Of course we'll never buy stuff at their original price, but the Caucasians just accept whatever price the storekeeper offers them.

Proves how weak the Malaysian ringgit is; I wonder when can we just BUY and stop bargaining/comparing prices. Just BUY because we can afford it.

I forgot the name of the temple; first pic: mom, dad (yes, not my grandpa, contrary to popular belief) with the temple as the backdrop.

2nd pic: people lining up to touch/caress a statue that will apparently bring prosperity/wealth--look at the queue! Unbelievably long;

3rd pic: in english it means Marriage Rock (ok la not proper translation) but you get the point.. I wanted to touch it but it would look weird for a 17-year old to be so desperate :P

Ok that's all :)

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Wednesday, November 26

Places of Interest in Macau

Honestly I put this absolutely dull & uninteresting title just so that more people will google it.

Muhaha yes evil me :P

You see it's very hard to write a post after a vacation since I don't want to come off as boring. Or show-offy. Or being too judgmental or overly self-obsessed. But WTH la. I think too much about what others think about me.

Ok this is going the wrong way. *shakes her head vigorously to stop emo-ing*

I'll start with Malaysian Airlines la then. Personal experience only, varies with different airplane models. Ours was pretty small.

Sigh. MAS is really cutting costs these days.

Last time there used to be a personal mini TV in front of our seats, can change channels/play games. Flight attendants served hot napkins before your meal and even gave meal menus for you to choose. AND I remembered ice cream after meals.

Now, there's not even headsets for the radio. The only remnants of a better off past are the holes (for the headsets) on the underside of the hand rests. I forgive the lack of ice cream but they don't even serve peanuts now!


If you ask they'll give you 3 or 4 packets sekaligus. So ask! (asking for it is NOT cheapskate). But not poker cards though; the air stewardess said they only give poker cards for Airbus A380 passengers only. Like do high class passengers need free poker cards? Or do the needy peasants like me could use them more? Logic, people. Logic.

After an hour plus of flight delay(ANOTHER thing to complain about MAS), we finally reached macau. *breathes out in relief*

Macau Tower

Honestly looks pretty much like KL tower. BUT with a couple more special features, like:
  • bungee-jumping (yes kenji wu 吴克群 did it too!)
  • sky-walking (as in walking on the rim of the tower)
~Two Japanese gals bracing the cold and darkness for the sky-walk--brave gals!~
  • and a see through glass on the floor (this one's pretty scary!)
The entrance fee is $80 (Adult) which is about RM 40 per person

St. Paul's Cathedral.

Something like A Famosa but a lot prettier and grander. (Sorry for being so unpatriotic :P) And guess what? Its only remains are the frontal facade of the church since it was involved in 3 cases of fires. Sounds a lot like what we have in Malaysia eh? Also left by penjajah Portugis.

Sands Casino

The building itself is very striking and eye-catching-black and metallic gold. All entrances lead to the casino. And I mean ALL of them. Very realistic eh.They have yellow-uniformed guards (see right pic) standing behind the sensors stuff at all entrances.. But this is the one of many casinos in Macau; the casinos are really like Asia's version of Las Vegas

The Venetian

~Yes the pics here are extra big to show you how opulent and gargantuan this place is, and the workers(I don't know the proper term) are all dressed with some Italian/Venice theme~

Super SUPER grand casino!

~See how smaller I look compared to the backdrop...~

This place is definitely not to be missed if you go to Macau. All casinos in Macau allow 18 years & above, but honestly if you look matured enough they won't check your passport/ID.

Unless you look something like me.

I have around 10 months before my 18th birthday le! *sob sob* Not that I want to gamble la, but the feeling of being able to enter "grown-up" places does make me feel a little more "macho" and a little less of a hobbit :)

But no worries because unlike Sands, children + teens can enter the shopping complexes and there are even Gondola rides :)
~With real people rowing them; unlike the ones in Genting~

~I don't think I need to explain why I didn't want to take pictures with this guy; just see the height difference between him and the guy in front of him~

The shopping complex is mainly catered for super rich customers with high-end labels like Tiffany & Co. (haha tiffy don't gloat here ok), French Connection, and some LOTS which I haven't heard before like Chevignon & Massimo Dutti but they sound expensive anyway :P

Haha Tiffy seriously I took this pic for you =)

~Escalators leading down to the casino~

So that's about it for Macau. Will blog about Hong Kong, soon ^^

Tuesday, November 25

Back.. with sore throat T.T

Aha in case you missed me (yes, me, the narcissist) I'm back from my 4D3N Hong Kong/Macau trip, and will blog about it soon, but having sore throat + undang test tomorrow (Yes I know they are irrelevant)

Hopefully they'll not be a crowd sitting for the test tomorrow though. Tiffy said she waited from 11am till 4pm before she could take the test...

Wish me luck too!

Wednesday, November 19

This is what boredom does to me

The holidays are boring me to the extent that I may not only rot. I may just as well grow roots and photosynthesize right at home. So my parents can eat my leaves. Okay I'm just crapping. You have to understand my mind has entered a chronically degenerative state.

The thing is, I MISS MY FRIENDS!!! I MISS COLLEGE!!! I MISS LIFE!!! (esp social life)


Okay this is the start of a really poetic post. This is not me emo-ing. Or trying to shed a new skin and try to be the next Blake Lively. I really mean what I write. By the way an update on my Genting trip with college friends like 2 weeks ago :)

Friends are for discovering your...well...uh...undiscovered talent. They'll bring out the actor/actress/supermodel (or sampat-ness) in you :)

Friends are for holding on to. Whether when you've heard a weird (and super eerie!) noise coming from the hotel toilet or when you're seconds before the plunge in Space Shot. The best of friends, they'll never let go.

Friends show you how to fly. How it's never wrong to dream, even the most naive or absurd ones, 'cause having a dream is like having a reason to live ^^

Friends remind you you're never too old for something. Just a tad too heavy for it; poor purple dino :P (looks like the Jurassic Park version of barney eh?)

Friends teach you it's okay to be outrageous & melodramatic once in a while. People really can't be sane all the time =)

Friends try to be in step with one another, no matter how different their background and upbringing they may have. With just a little practice, cooperation and patience, it'll be something worth jumping for joy.

Friends cherish moments together, even on rainy days. Even when everyone's drenched to the bone.. XD

Friends share their deepest, darkest (and some erotic) secrets without holding back; because they know true friends won't be judge them from their past and embrace the fact that everyone makes mistakes...

Friends show you how to be passionate about life and how to turn every single moment into priceless memories. Sometimes it wonders me too how just a spurt of water can make us all scream in delight :)

If life is a road, I'm glad I've got friends walking me through it.

Sunday, November 16

College Gang = The next band of gossip girl?

Moral exams were officially over last Saturday!! FINALLY I can stop memorizing how to spell all the excruciatingly long and show-offy moral terms... (think consequentialist and utilitarianism. It took me 5 minutes just to type that.)

But somehow it's pretty sad too, memandangkan my Taiping and Alor Setar classmates were going back to their hometown and we would have a proper class reunion only next year when school reopens.

~~~~digression, coming through~~~~~

Which reminds me. Anyone knowing anyone who will be joining Inti Subang next year? Please please PLEASE tell me ya? 'cause I can earn RM 250 per new student, seriously! Whoever tells me I belanja a RM 5 (or below) meal la :P

After exams, a couple of us went Sunway Pyramid just to hang around, and we came upon this...

Me: Wah... hey sweat! look at this poster... everyone so pretty la...
Sweat: Ya.. when can we ever look like this?

Me: Yala you see all the lengluis usually walk together one...

Bottom line: We need change. Quoting from Obama, the change we need.

But how to change this...

into this?


I think first we need to:

  • Stop eating in public (no la). Learn how to stop talking while eating and chew 389 times before swallowing. And remembering to bring tissue papers. (instead of borrowing from the guys. seriously!)
Start acting our age. Like know more about US presidential campaigns and do more volunteering/charity work
  • Act cute, get sexy, play hard to get, look innocent, but NEVER, ever look dumb.
  • There is a fine line between being emo and being dramatic. THIS is dramatic.

I have more shocking pictures but they are best left in my computer :P

Tuesday, November 11

Clip 3: Hazing (def: seniors bullying new students)

Note: I DO NOT usually act like that. I'm doing it all for the sake of ART. It does not come naturally to me. I repeat, I am merely acting and this does not represent my true nature! XD

Clip 2: School Bullying

Watch it! Watch it!

Note: the polka dotted jacket gangster is usually a super ladylike gal... and she turned super gaya in front of the camera! All of us were in total

Sorry I simply can't keep this to myself :P

My moral assignment group did some videos for the topic bullying... please watch them and tell me what you think :)

hopefully it's not some lame SS video that no one understands :(

Enjoy! I seriously love them! All of them! (but honestly I think 3rd clip the funniest^^)

Clip 1: Cyberbullying

k la i post separately; takut blogger hang :P

remember to watch ALL of them! I demand you to!

Friday, November 7

Friends Part 1: The Ol' Ones

(hehe I'm pretty much free now so this will be an excruciatingly long post :P)

It has been almost a year since I last said "selamat pagi cikgu". Since I last heard ringing school bells (apart from Inti Subang's faulty alarm system that rings whenever people smoke at the stairways). Since I last wore the blue pinafore that hugs dangerously close near the waistline (gasp!). Since I bought 1 ringgit for 5 keropok lekors at the school canteen (gosh NOW you think it's impossibly cheap).

Since I last cried at high school graduation (sadly it was less exciting than HSM 3... no Zac Efron for the Vanessa Hudgens *hint hint*... get it... *me me me* :P)

Since I had a complete (with this I mean a no-absentee) gathering with my friends. Seriously friends do come and go but this post goes to all those who have changed my life in one way or another.


Part 1: The Ol' Ones

Tiffany aka Klang Gal aka The Future PM (yay! the change we need ^^) I know they're like Crayon Sin Chan's.. XD~

~Tiffy next time we'd better kick a** together!~

Tiffy don't forget me after going over to Aussie kay? Keep in touch and keep that (sarcastic) sense of humour... and don't stop being brutally honest 'cause seriously I could hate you for that :P

Shake Yee aka Cheryl

~Best camwhore buddy^^~

~presenting the drama queens of the century~

Aww look how innocent you used to be... now off with new boyfriend d la *goes green with envy* but seriously don't get too carried off ya! Remember--anything besides holding hands may get you pregnant... haha okay no la it's just me being overly protective =) but do take care...

Qiuhong aka Grace

~fyi this is Langkawi and not Genting cable car... scenic backdrop + beautiful people=perfect! :P~

~gosh I KNOW you're staring at my eyebrows. again. focus on my straight teeth instead will ya?~

Thanks for bringing me closer to the Lord! You've been such a wonderful listener for the past 2 years and for being the non-brutally honest part of Tiffany (hey people I still need to hear some sweet stuff even if it's not entirely the truth okay)

Yenwoon aka Fallen Angel

~Us on msn video calls and fooling around :P~

~undying friendship~

Haiyo this one don't know what to say, 'cause seriously we've been friends for far too long; it's been 7 years plus and still we can carry on normal conversation! How amazing is that? Haha this gal's more brutally honest than Tiffy but still I have one question: How can you remember everyone's birthday (including primary school friends)? Gosh this girl can basically sacrifice almost everything for friends... Love you lots n lots n lots! Finish your SAM exam and we'll go karaoke again kay?

To be continued...