Saturday, April 24

I miss him.

Kuah Jun Ping. My Std 1 year old nephew in Singapore, who gives me suffocating hugs every time he sees me. And tickling & wrestling sessions on the mattress.

Plus, saying 芝慧姐姐,我喜欢你。

No wonder he has 2 girlfriends at school! (p.s. the gals are actually twins. Naughty naughty! XD)

Wednesday, April 21

No directions.

Finally finished watching GLEE! Season 1 today. The mash-ups are great!

This whole month of April has been me running here and there attending interviews/tests for uni admission. Honestly. And just today, just when I've finally rested by butt in front of the computer, ready to start blogging on my Singapore trip, there pops up this invitation for ASEAN undergraduate scholarship interview next monday.


It's like everything I do is a big fat ball of uncertainty, and it just gets bigger. Although frankly I think I did fairly well for both medicine interviews (HKU, NUS) but still chances are really, really, really slim.

It's all in God's hands =)

Tuesday, April 20


What have I gotten myself into?

Let me get my armour ready, battle is @ 4pm today.


Friday, April 16

I shouldn't be here. Again.

(continuation from last post)

Along the streets of HK, the crowd is pretty chaotic; everyone is like rushing to somewhere but it's like they are headed in all directions all at once! And the roads are pretty confusing too; BS and I could walk past a couple of streets and end up back where we started o.O

And oh ya. Everyone was covered from neck to toe; in thin jackets, boots, leggings etc; We definitely stood out as tourists by being the only ones happily strolling the streets, with no sense of direction with T shirts on. It was around 16-20 degrees Celcius and we thought it was slightly hotter than Genting

BS just wore a tank top plus a scarf! tee hee

Tin Hau Temple @ Stanley; the temple was quite mini but this wall art was just so photograph-worthy!

Jumbo Floating Restaurant @ Aberdeen. It's like this high class restaurant for dim sum but we being economy-friendly tourists decided to just hop on the free ferry ride to the restaurant, take pics and head back ^^

Amazing scenery along Stanley Market! I guess this was one of the best decisions we made, going there :)

Lan Kwai Fong, the pub/clubbing district in HK. We went there just to look around, at like 6/7pm so there wasn't much of a crowd either. But sejurus pulang dari HK, apparently Fiona Sit (Sit Hoi Kei) was spotted there on the night we were there! Aiks too bad we missed her (by a couple of hours haa)

Not forgetting to thank Wen Xian, Ser Siang & Natalie & a couple others who took the effort to meet up with us and going to The Peak together! Thanks Jason Soo for the introduction too :)

Our interview at HKU. It went okay I guess, but then competition is tough. Of course I want it, but I'll guess I'll have to settle for "been there, done that" at the moment :)

Last pic before landing on Malaysian ground. Airasia water bottles sponsored by friendly neighbour seated on BS's right--a 40-something guy who was apparently my dad's junior in Uni and lived like 10 mins away from my house! Talk about six degrees of separation.

Anyway thanks BS for your far more adventurous spirit &&& hope we get to go again! Still didn't manage to explore Lantau Island & Noah's Ark etc T.T

Wednesday, April 14

I shouldn't be here.

Recently life has been like bungee jumping.

Into this infinite abyss of darkness, minus the safety rope.

I don't know whether it'll be a hard, blowing fall or will there be a super comfy Dunlopillo waiting for me at the end. And the fall itself is agonising enough T.T

Putting in my effort going to HK to attend the HKU interview was a pretty big deal for me, and honestly that was the 1st medicine interview I had ever attended (I applied for Bioengineering for UK unis) Thankfully BS went with me (and not my dad! gasp) so honestly we really, really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time and sorta fell in love with the city in the process!

Just FYI last year 12 international applicants attended the interview and only 2 got chosen; so obviously we fell in love with the wrong "person" o.O

You might have had enough pics to see for our HK trip (meaning me with BS) on facebook so I'll just write based on random thoughts and musings (BS will definitely refer people to read this post cause she's lazy to blog about our trip XD)

Everything in Hong Kong is about efficiency.

 Their elevators are fast. The people walk at a really hurried pace. We barely waited 5 minutes for the MTR. Every single time.

This is Australian Dairy Co. at Parkes Street near Jordan MTR. Amazing food there at a really reasonable price! Order 蛋白炖鲜奶 (egg white with milk) even BS the milk and cheese hater loved it!

The waiters take your order really quickly, get to it really quickly, but the only problem is BS and I are terribly indecisive when left with too many choices! The waiters seemed pretty calm but I bet they were like fai dit la (faster la in cantonese) inside

They have really big appetites (but the food's not exactly cheap also) and everyone stays amazingly slim though! I guess it's cause they walk alot (it's like the whole population takes the MTR and there are like masses of people on the streets in the daytime) and also cause they might not fit into their homes if they grow too much horizontally? Haa just a theory.

We didn't go to HK Disneyland & Ocean Park cause we would have to spend like a whole day and sometimes you just want to go venture uncharted lands I suppose :)

Places we went to:
~Temple Street 庙街 (Exit @ Jordan MTR)
~Ladies Street 女人街 (Exit @ Mongkok MTR)
~Stanley Market 赤柱 (Take MTR to Central 中环 then take 6/6A/6X bus to Stanley)
~The Peak 太平山 (Take MTR to Central then ask around cause I forgot how to get there, my HKU friends took us there ^^)
~Golden Bauhinia Square (Take MTR to Wan Chai 湾仔 then just follow signage to go to the pier)
~Aberdeen 香港仔 (We went there by bus from Stanley Market but I think anyhow you can take a bus from Central too)
~Lan Kwai Fong 兰桂坊 (Exit @ Central MTR)
~Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 (Exit @ Tsim Sha Tsui MTR)

Temple & Ladies Street are almost like pasar malam, sans the smell of roasted chestnuts and char koay teow; in fact there were almost no food stalls in Ladies Street! And unlike Taiwanese Night Markets like Shilin, the main attraction isn't food; just stalls selling I <3 HK T shirts, tiny trinkets, bags and misc (and nowadays iPhone covers; one can barely find handphone pouches anymore)

To me, temple street was a better place to shop because somehow the storekeepers weren't so aggressive with their sales so it was less stressful in a way :)

Okay I would really like to continue but my eyelids are giving way... So hopefull you'll see a part 2 on this? Till then! :)

Saturday, April 3

Of food, kids and vanity

Nothing much to blog about lately; just started tuition classes with a Std 6 year old kid whose obsessed with tigers and Facebook and is almost taller than me (gasp!) Some pics to walk you through my past couple of weeks:

1. Food
Balik kampung to Batu Gajah but stopped by Ipoh for Taugeh Chicken.. Mmm look at those fat juicy taugehs!!

2. Kids!
Jun Yee; 6 yr old kid who instantly reminded me of Siew Ying! Dontcha think?

Eunice, who has stopped coming to our kindy; one of the most obedient and independent 4 yr old in the class! And always the first to enthusiastically call out "yang lao shi" when I enter the class :)

3. Vanity
Went shopping for my formal clothes for HKU medicine interview @ Hong Kong this coming Friday! Going with BS *excited*

Happy Birthday Lee Bee Shuang whose b'day coincidentally falls on Easter Sunday!!

Our beloved serial cheese-hater whose brain runs on a Pentium triple core processor, you know we love you~