Saturday, December 22

5S2 Class Trip: Langkawi/Penang 6D4N

This was truly the last time 36 of my classmates and I could be together... I can't say it was totally worth the money but it was definitely fun... Most importantly, I got to know some of my classmates beneath the surface and they have definitely changed my perspective towards them...

Day 1 & 2: 15th and 16th Dec

Departed from Klang at 9.30 pm, had the tour guide telling us his tragic love story that (hopefully) is 100% true but sounds extremely Korean drama-ish, but i digress. So we reached the jetty by 6am, reached Langkawi by 8am.

~*Cheryl and I goofing out on the "midnight bus"..:P *~

Went to a couple of places like Underwater World Langkawi, Dataran Lang, etc... Pictures say a thousand words, right? so these will do the trick...

*~Grace, Cheryl, Chee Ling and I posing beneath the enormous Helang figure~*

*~ (amazing!) Photograph courtesy of Librainy :P~*

*~Hmm... Looks familiar... Like from some movie I've seen before...~*

*~ From left: Wan Yee, Chee Ling, Sin Yee, Cheryl, Grace and Me! on the top of some mountain... anywayz we sat the cable car up there... you can see how the strong the wind is by the looks of our hair... ~*

Day 3: 17th Dec, Mon

Island hopping we go! Unfortunately weather was kinda cloudy so we only went to Pulau Dayang Bunting... No pics for this cause I was scared that my my camera would be water-logged...

Day 4: 18th Dec, Tue

This was our free day so all of us basically rented a couple of vans to get to Pantai Cenang in Langkawi... Stunning view! 1st time I saw sunset on the beach! Went banana boating too! RM 15 per person! Wanted to go parasailing but it was RM70... According to Tiffy it's RM 35 over at Thailand...

*From left: Grace, Sin Yee, Me and Cheryl; behind: the calm sea!~*

Day 5: 19th Dec, Wed

Off to Penang! Checked into our hotel around afternoon... Went Kek Lok Si Temple and Dharmikarama Burmese Temple...

*~Grace, Chee Ling, Me and Cheryl with the fabulous Kek Lok Si Temple as the backdrop...~*

After having dinner at Gurney Drive, 10 of us (5 guys 5 gals) took a "short" walk back to our hotel, Hotel Continental Penang...

*~Top row from left: Chee Ling, Sin Yee, Ree Gent; Middle row from left: Xie Ming, Jin Wei, Chyi Shyn, Wee Chun; Bottom row from left: Grace, Me, Cheryl, Zhi Yuan~*

Oh wait! Before our "short walk", we took a tour into G Hotel.. looks really high-end!

*~They really do have a big "g"!~*

*~"SS"ing in front of the mirror--inside G Hotel~*

*~B-E-A-uutiful deco outside Gurney Plaza!~*

Day 6: 20th Dec, Thur

Time to say goodbye... went to a couple more short trips in Penang, stopped in Ipoh Hot Springs... (too bad no pics... again...) but it was definitely hot enough to (hopefully) improve my blood circulation! Btw there's sorta like a book fair in Gurney Plaza right now with up to 70% discount... Bought a book recommended by Amelia Foong (Special Topics in Calamity Physics for 30% it's price!)

That's all! Off to Shanghai this Sunday! More stories to come...

Sunday, December 9

#2: My Family and Other Animals

This is a book casually mentioned by my English tuition teacher--after I saw her laughing her heads off reading the 2nd book in the series, "Birds, Beasts and Relatives”. Her words are like GOLD to me, so these are my findings after reading the book:

Book Title: My Family and Other Animals
Author: Gerald Durrell
Bought for: RM 29.95

Brief Overview: Gerald and his family move from England to the island of Corfu, Greece, and the story evolves around, obviously, his family members and the animals that he finds on the island (by the way, he is a HUGE animal lover!) The flowers, trees and animals are described not only with plenty of detail but also you can feel that he really loves nature… I mean he can just spend the whole day just looking at tortoises! It’s just a pity that most of the plant and animals species aren’t inhabitants of the Malaysian tropical rainforest, which pretty much holds back your imagination by a notch… (Unless you look it up on the Net or something!)

What I like about the book: It’s really very funny, and I mean the laugh out loud kind of funny… Durrell really knows how to play with words, and just imagining the crazy antics of his family and the animals will really make you wonder—how different are we from animals? (This is where the book title comes into picture!) I was reading this at the hairdressers’ and I reckon the customer next in line thought I was going cuckoo with me practically guffawing almost every 2 minutes!

Who should read the book: Not recommended for those who like fast-paced, mind-boggling and mystery-solving plots… This book has no actual “storyline” and it’s more like a “diary” in which Durrell indulges his thoughts and daily encounters… This book really is a combination of literature, documentary (you’ll know why you need to put a scorpion into a tin full of oil!) and adventure… It is definitely a breath of fresh air from all those Da Vinci Code-style novels!

Saturday, December 8

Shmashing adventure!

2 out of 8 of my resolutions have been successfully completed...

Firstly, i went for a haircut and came back with a fringe! (cannot take any pics for this... My fringe is still pinned up so that it stays in place next time)

Besides, Tiffy, Cassandra (Tiffy's lil sis), Grace and I went a' gallavanting at AEON... Man, was it fun! Luckily Tiffy brought her camera so please visit her blog (click here) to check out the pics...

It seems that AEON has become the Kwang-Huarians' lepak hotspot... Saw 5S1 students and also our BM teacher having a munch at the restaurants... (BM teacher was giving us that what-have-all-of-you-been-up-to looks... hehe)

So anyway we had our lunch at Sakae Sushi and had my first try at raw salmon and wasabi (and no, I have not been staying at any kampung for 16 years of my life... I just haven't tried Japanese food in my entire life... except for a sushi 2 years ago...) so then I was mildly fascinated at how the ocha (which means green tea! haha!.... erm, you'd probably known that already, didn't you?) was served... I was thinking of pressing the wedge labelled "hot" with my palm... then my friends reminded me that I was supposed to pour hot water into the cup, not scorch my hand :P

Ok, cutting the crap, we ate rice (is it ubon? I forgot... anyone please correct me...) (which is supposedly donburi) and if you do go there, you might want to try Teriyaki ChickenUbon Donburi (which means rice)... but since I'm no connosieur on Japanese fine dining, I'll just have to tackle the limitations of my English vocabulary to describe the dish by using words like scrumptious, delicious, sumptuous, bla bla... Just try it lar!

We hung around for an hour or more till everyone were gone save for 4 silly damsels putting the digicam on self timer to take pics... all the waiters and waitresses crowded over our table to witness the incredible feat of us squeezing our heads and bodies to suit the height of the camera... and guess who got the largest head shot? yep, it was Tiffy's sis... check out the pics to see for yourself! and yes, the thought to ask the waitresses there to help us out did cross my mind, but what's more fun that body-shoving, head-ramming and mouth-screaming at each other in front of the camera?

Luckily I hung out with non-spendthrifts and I managed to save my wallet from being stripped of its dignity... but I still couldn't tahan myself from buying Big Apple Donuts... (its at the top floor... same floor as the cinema)

*~I bought a box of 6... but where did one and a half go? I wonder... burp. excuse me.~*

Friday, December 7

bye bye blue pinafore!

For the FIRST time in my life the term "holidays" can live up to its name! So behold, my “bye bye blue pinafore” resolutions:
*~2 years worth of knowledge... all of them going to end up at the recyling centre...
so, anyone! please save them from this gloomy fate! (with payment, of course)~*

  1. TRY to sell all my Form 4 & 5 school books without suffering a great deal of loss (selling books at half price is a great loss!So, anyone interested? *flaunting the Shrek's puss- in-boots look)
  2. Improve on my blog by frequently updating it (well, hopefully *grin)
  3. Find a decent-paying-yet-not-too-tiring-and close-to-home job (too idealistic, huh?)
  4. Watch Stardust, The Golden Compass, Enchanted (my movie list at the moment)
  5. Rope skipping! (Is it wrong to give a 5 feet tall girl a teensy bit of hope?)
  6. Pray harder so that I get straight A1’s for SPM and I will not get NS next year :)
  7. Get a fresh new haircut (but not a new hair colour! Black is the new… black?)
  8. Go to AEON Bukit Tinggi and shop till I drop! just look around… :P
Let's see how many of them can I tick off my list before 31st Dec!

Monday, November 26

Mind Business

I've finally figured out the meaning of "it's all in the mind"... It means if you can't think positively, don't think AT ALL. It will really kill you.

I KNOW i'm in the midst of SPM. I KNOW i have accounts and chinese paper to go... but i really have to vent my frustration onto this post. Crap if i may, at least i won't think about IT that much...

The problem is, i think too much. The more i calculate, the less marks I'm getting for Biology. So far I've lost about 10 marks, give and take i might lose 20 marks in total... Okay why doesn't blogging help me solve my dilemma?

Sorry, if you're looking for quality in this post, it practically has as much quality as... erm... an apple that has been left to oxidise for three days? (ok i'm bad at simile)

But i've figured that the more you think of something in the NEGATIVE way, the worse things get... But thankfully I know I have limited brain capacity so this frustration will stay in my mind for a max of 2 days... then i'll PROBABLY forget it all...

But heck, who doesn't want to get A1 for SPM?

Ok i think blogging therapy is not working for me... The other alternatives:
1. Retail therapy (i think money is unrenewable "energy" might not b worth the trouble)
2. Book therapy (i BADLY want to read "My family and other animals" by Gerald Durrell but I'm still having my chinese exam... my brain has to be "mandarinised"...)
3. Movie therapy (THIS will do jz fine...)
4. Food therapy (i'll have to bear the consequences of growing laterally then....)

ok. I'd better move on to movie therapy.

Tuesday, October 30

A Tribute to 5S2

This is going to be my last post before SPM… Things are getting pretty tense for all Form 5-ians and I bet all of us are going to leave secondary school with mixed feelings… This has GOT to be the saddest post I’m going to EVER write but I thought it better to write it now while the emotions are still strong (I seriously don’t care if I get all bleary-eyed after writing this post!). I will not feel the same way as I do now, in like, 10 years from now, so, here it goes:

It’s been quite a long journey since I have stepped into SMJK Kwang Hua, and I must say that the most memorable years that I have had were the last 3 years. When I was still in Form 1 and Form 2, I was kind of LOST and unsure of myself—what personality should I have? Should I change my image? What does it take to be popular? I was constantly struggling with peer pressure and the need to fit in, but after getting a B for Chinese language during end-of-year exam in Form 2, I was “degraded” to 3B class and man, was I devastated at that time!

But now, thinking back, I really got to thank God for putting me in 3B class—I had finally found where I truly belong. Comparatively, being in 3B class was less stressful and hectic, and the teachers placed less pressure on us, not like in the 1st class… My classmates were great, too, including Tiffany(links to her blog). Her straightforward attitude got me on my nerves at times (it still does!) but she would stick with me through thick and thin and put her friends before herself (most of the time, at least). *Tiffany, I know you’ll be on top of the mountain after reading this but what the heck, I must say these things before they sound too gross*… She really made me open up and I became from a very-shy girl to not-so-shy-and-sometimes-even-sampat girl… so thanks a million for making me into a better person! We may never meet again after Graduation Day, but remember that when you feel down or happy or simply anything, just give me a call or arrange an outing together… I really don’t want to lose this bonding that we have formed over 3 years!

After spending one year in 3B class, most of the students from 3B moved up to 4S2 where our bond between classmates grew stronger. There was plenty of entertainment, too. The class clowns like Woei Jye and Wey Kiat kept our schooling days so enjoyable that we would end up massaging our jaws and pressing our abdomen from all the hard laughing… Those were the days, man. Things got even better for Form 5 as pupils from 4S2 automatically entered 5S2… Besides the great friends that I had made, there were also “classic” 5S2 moments that will remain in my memory forever… We have shared so much laughter and overcome so many challenges together; it’s really hard to say it all in just one post!

Here’s my word of thanks to all the family members of 5S2:

Thank you,
· Cheryl—for laughing at my lame jokes and being willing to share your joyous and saddest moments with me, and thanks for your wonderful birthday gift!
· Tiffany—for being there for me and being the best critic in the world! Please do take care and keep in touch!
· Grace—for introducing me to God and for being such a good listener, and sorry for so many phone calls that I make to you daily! (sounds grammatically incorrect) I truly truly appreciate our friendship and we really must keep in contact! Always remember your “trademark” laughter!
· Sin Yee—for sharing your life experiences with us and being such a good “chatting” buddy… We’re both really emotionally unstable so I really do hope that both of us don’t break down during Graduation Day!
· Chee Ling—for your unbeatable “cuteness” and sense of humour… I can always count on you to brighten my day!
· Nic and Jiekai—for being the funny duo and for walking almost in the same “gaya”… Don’t act like you don’t know me 10 years from now, ya?
· Yong Wee—for taking care of my good friend when I couldn’t… and also for sending me home when we stay back in school… don’t lose the weight or not I won’t recognize you next time (no hard feelings ya?)
· See Yin, Wei Nie & Jia Ling—for sacrificing so much of your time and effort for our class magazine and also for the class song…
· Pei Wah & Wan Yee—for “tackling” Woei Jye when he says inappropriate things and being such wonderful members of 5S2…

· Sue Ann—for dedicating so much of your time teaching us the dance steps and for being the one and only “violent” friend that I have!
· Wey Kiat—for being a total drama king and making us laugh to tears! You may not have the chance to fool around in college anymore so enjoy yourself—it’s now or never!
· Jay-son—for being the sleeping god in the class… I’ll definitely remember you!
· Teck Hong—for being da BEST Ketua Kebersihan in the entire world! Thanks for all that you’ve done when I was lazy (as penolong KK) and remember to keep in touch after SPM!
· Aik Chiang and Shen Min—for being the tallest couple in the class! You guys really have a weird and wacky sense of humour!
· Wee Chun—for being the tallest guy in the class and make me look like a midget! Stop growing, will ya?
· Kai Wen—for being such a dedicated class monitor and doing all the stuff that we don’t want to do!

For those not mentioned above, it’s probably ‘cuz I don’t really know you that well but at any rate, thanks for being a part of 5S2! Things would never be the same without a single one of you!!!

5S2 of 2007, SMJK Kwang Hua, Klang--46 students met and created a bond like no other...... Thanks to everyone for making my secondary school life such a worthwhile journey; my life would not be complete without you, 5S2.

Three cheers for 5S2, the unbeatable and irreplaceable class EVER!!!

Saturday, October 6

B'day on D'Day?

CSI Report: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL--only for intellectual beings

3rd October 2007 (yes, you'd better remember that--and I don't have to tell you why, do I?)
Crime Scene: School Lab ('cause classrooms used for PMR exams)
Time of Death: The moment we got our Sejarah Test papers

Yes, our trial exams are OFFICIALLY over and all, but the toughest part of the whole process was waiting for the results--and what a shock did we all get when we got back our Sejarah test paper! More than 10 people failed in my class (which is quite rare, I'm telling you ) and only 1 person got an A1... Pretty shocking to all of us... Moreover happening on my birthday!

It's really contradictory when I come to think of it--I have been patiently counting off the days to my birthday (figuratively) and when it finally comes, I wished it was over ASAP! Ok enough of my lamenting... Now anyone want to see my birthday presents? Cheer if you want to see the pics! (I hear.... silence..?)

Well I'll post it on anywayz since bragging is one of my favourite pastimes... :P

*~A lil' weird looking, eh? The shop was out of whole cakes so my dad bought them in pieces--impressive design courtesy of dad, too!~*

*~Thanks Tiffy for this cutesy hair clip! (credit: but it looks extra-extra nice due to my professional photography :P)~*

*~Last but not least, thanks a million to Cheryl, Grace and Sin Yee for this fab gift! It's practically pricesless and guess what? When I 1st saw it i was on the verge of tears...~*

So, I would like to say a bunch of thanks to:

  • my mum and dad--> for the cake and 16 years full of love...
  • Yen Woon--> for singing the Happy Birthday song to me on the phone...
  • Sue Fay --> for being sweet enough to send an birthday e-card to me despite being an ocean apart...
  • my sister --> for wishing me "Happy Birthday" and for recommending me to wear my "birthday suit" (thank goodness I wasn't tricked!)
  • Tiffy, Grace, Cheryl and Sin Yee--> for you sweet presents and always being there for me...
That's all!

Friday, September 28

#1: Rewind, Fast Forward

~ Ok so I decided to join the MPH Search for Young Malaysian Writers Competition this year (did someone just stifle a giggle?) and FYI, I joined last year too and wasn't shortlisted (do I hear LAUGHTER?) But anyway I wanted to read the winning/ shortlisted essay for the competition in the year 2005 (it's an annual competition) ~

Book Title: Rewind, Fast Forward
Available in : MPH Bookstores (only, I think)
Price: RM 19.90
Brief Overview: A rather well done compilation on 39 of the best entries for the essay writing competition--teens could base the setting of their short story in the year 1940 0r 2030 and be 16 or 65 of age
What I like about the book: While some are just plain OKAY, there are some stories that are really thought-provoking, reflecting either the past or present of human lives, how we progress through the years and our inner desires.
For example? : "Lotus" by Amelia Foong Yee Ching depicts the life of a girl who is thrust into a strict and orthodox society where foot-binding plays a vital role in getting a good husband. When the protagonist has, unfortunately, the largest pair of feet in town, she is rejected by the town's most eligible bachelor with cries of "Too big!" (meaning her feet, of course). But finally the Revolutionary Party breaks into the village and large, liberated feet soon becomes the "in" thing. The "eligible bachelor" asks for her hand in marriage and guess what? She rejects him! Good for her!
Who should read the book: Any avid teen reader who would like to learn more about writing good stuff and drawing inspiration from promising writers (not copying ideas, mind you!)

p.s. sorry for the blur image...

More to come in future posts!

I've decided to...

Add book reviews to my blog! (other than the usual intellectual chatterings)
and sorry for my lack of posts these few weeks--caused by none other than the big great SPM TRIAL exam!!!

Did you know that our school gives away RM 100 to 10 highest-scorers for EVERY subject? Plus, the student who gets 1st placing (calculated using total average marks) gets RM 1000!!! (one for Sc stream, the other for Accts stream)

As you know, money is important. (Money is not everything, it's the only thing--> quoted in my last post)

So it wouldn't hurt to work harder since cold, hard $$ is at stake... right?

Ok, I digress...

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, writing book reviews comments on books that I've read (not necessarily enjoyed)

Check out my next post for it!

Sunday, August 5

Money= Solution to everything?

According to my father,

Money is not everything; it is the only thing.

and it's true to a certain extent... Just a few days ago, there was a BM seminar in our school for SPM students (yes, Librainy is ONLY a Form 5 student but with an Einstien-y intellect... Such a waste, don't you think? *people puking in the background*)

Ok, I digress but we had to sit through 2 hours of the seminar, which was actually quite worth it, but the topics discussed only revolved around specifically one karangan. Finally I came to notice that ada udang di sebalik batu (sorry... too much Dewan Siswa...) 'cause the speaker of the seminar ended his speech with
If we can only cover karangan in 2 hours, that means we need around 10 hours to finish explaining the whole BM paper
then i was like okaay... Something's fishy...

Eventually he told us that he and a few other teachers were holding another workshop in KL for 10 hrs...

1st thing on my mind-- free ah?

Apparently not. Almost 100 ringgit man! So i'm like, does everything in this world come with a price? (except oxygen, obviously. at least for the moment.)

Doesn't it sound like we have to exchange money for good exam results? Well, obviously it's a win-win situation since
  • the people responsible for the seminar will get monetary benefits
  • students who attend the workshop will be closer to an A1 for BM (hopefully!)
But obviously I still feel a tad bit cheated 'cause I've spent 2 hrs being talked into spending almost 100 ringgit!

Well, in case you want to know...

I'm going for the seminar. So much for my "dignified" speeches!

Monday, July 30

I...must... write... this....

Warning! Spoilers of HP 7 ahead!

FYI, I was one of those smart-alecks (I am, after all, Librainy) who went to pre-order the book at 109.90 (got discount, so the price was actually 98 ringgit) and was pretty mad when the others went into a shopping frenzy at Tesco & Carrefour! *mutters angrily under her (good smelling) breath*

But if you have still not read the book, Tesco Shah Alam still has a cupboard full of them... WHY oh WHY???

Anyway like plenty of you out there who have read the book, or THE book, I think it was pretty much worth the wait, with tragic deaths to some of the characters. However, though, I think some characters who died weren't given much credit, e.g. Hedwig. How could she, like, just drop dead after being alive alongside the most pursued-after character in the book, Harry Potter? JK Rowling's way of "eliminating" her, in my opinion, was rather harsh, abrupt and unappreciative. (Dobby's death, however, was done with great respect. *sob* I loved Dobby! I mean, in a muggle-to-house-elf way, if you know what I mean)

Besides, Mad-Eye Moody also disappeared without a trace, so was Sirius Black (in the 5th book)... So some fans (like me) still linger to a strand of hope that they are alive, when in fact they are gone forever. But I must say that I simply lurrrved the idea of the deathly hallows, as its intrigue managed to keep readers (like me) suspenseful, craving for more as the story slowly unfold. (I don't really understand how the resurrection stone got him to get back from the dead, though. Enlighten me, please? someone...?)

Some parts were probably predictable, e.g. the part where Harry was a horcrux. I don't know 'bout you, but after finishing the 6th book, my elder sister had already "prophesised" that Voldemort (oops! the Taboo!) had to kill Harry to destroy a Horcrux, since

..........Neither can live if one survives..........
and there was a scar left on Harry, which is pretty suspicious since it's supposed to be there for a reason, right?

Surprisingly, the part where I started to get bleary-eyed while reading was not the Fred dying part nor the Lupin and Tonks dying part, but the part where Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and even Ravenclaw students stood up for Harry and trusted that he could bring down Mr. V... I was also touched when Dumbledore's Army stood up for Harry (who was thought to be dead) when Mr. V gave the usual villian's let-me-brag-before-I-kill-you monologue at the edge of the forbidden forest...


It's mentally exhausting writing about HP 7, you know... But this is the last and only HP book that i'll be reviewing on so...

thanks, JK Rowling!

for weaving these amazing stories and bringing them to life! May the wizarding world live on in our hearts till the end of days...

Saturday, July 28

Never in a Thousand years...

would I have thought that we could win the Law Olympiad Competition held in HELP Uni College today! (*We= Me+Tiffy+Mei Qi+Zhi Yuan+Lee Kiong)

~*The site of the Law Olympiad held 3 years ago--but looks almost the same*~

Usually I don't really mention stuff going on in my daily (and pretty mundane) life, but this is really really unexpected--a truly pleasant surprise! Reasons that I thought we could not win:

1. There were 41 teams who participated around Selangor (or throughout the country, I don't know), each school sending 2 / 3 teams, including premier schools like Catholic High and Assunta and Damansara Jaya etc. (who some of them may not even know that SMJK Kwang Hua Klang exists)

2. We did not have the past year papers, so we couldn't make much preparation (which some other schools had, but not all)

3. We didn't really know each of the team mates well (some from a different class)

4. Our general knowledge was pretty limited (but we did do some research--which all of them weren't asked)

5. Our school has never won for the past 7 yrs (this is the 8th yr it is being held)

Yes, undeniably my ego and complacency has inflated to a jumbo-sized balloon today but you can't blame me us for winning, right?

Thanks to all the team members for their wonderful work (I personally think I was the weakest link, but we won anyway) and Thank God for this golden opportunity!

This post can be simply summarized into 4 words: bragging about Librainy's victory.

So, what? Sue us!

p.s. sorry for being mean today... The Hyde side of me is running beserk today! It must be power hungry....

Monday, June 4

Tempted... by the devil? Nah. More like commercialism

With the advancement of "brainotechnology" (is there such word?) or something, psychologists and retailers have gotten into the root of our minds, dug deep and found our deepest desires... (don't think dirty, guys!) to feel rich and spend rich!

That's why whenever my sis and I go shopping together, we sort of feel inexorably drawn to shops with the 4-letter word--SALE (which is practically on every shop) in hopes for a good buy, but it seems the only place where you can get really affordable stuff is the pasar malam (or pagi, depending on when u go)

At the tender age of 15++, I don't really know much about shopping, but to me, a blouse priced at RM 49.90 is really too much to bear (unless it's really cute or it says Hail Librany, our Queen! or something) whereas you can easily get a RM 15 T-shirt at the night market.

I just went to Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza last week, and some of the clothes and shoes there are really glamorous (i guess i've not been out that often!! but at LEAST i was not hiding under a tempurung) but sooo pricey! You can say I'm an inexperienced buyer but you would have to go through lots of shopping "mishaps" to gain more experience I guess!

At the end of the day, my sis (who works and earns money) bought BAGS of clothes and shoes back while I (who gets money by pulling the puss-in-boots-pitiful-face stunt) bought a pair of shoes from Vincci...

Sunday, April 29

What makes a good blog?

I always face the problem of attracting readers to my blog (I AM Librainy the intellectual, but you see, not many people can understand geniuses... get it? hmm..i thought so too) but I suppose you have to have the "X-factor", e.g.

  • frequently update your blog (unfortunately, not me)
  • informative posts (do my intellectual opinions count?)
  • a sense of humour or at least some closeless with the reader (does my superiority consider as "closeness"?)
Well, there are the "Y-factors" that work just well, e.g.

  • posting indecent photos (*feminist speaking* don't know why, this works best on guys)
  • controversial issues
  • using vulgar or exaggerating language
Ehem... no offense to any other bloggers out there, just making a point...

and I'm not having sour grapes syndrome due to lack of readers! (or am I?)

Sunday, April 15

Librainy the Guilt-Ridden

yes. aside from being great and intellectual, I am EXTREMELY guilty for being away from my blog for such a long time and losing my readers, too *sob* (yes!! I mean YOU)

As my reasons(excuses) of absence, I have it all listed down here:
1. Busy studying for Bible Quiz
2. Practicing piano for competition
3. Taekwondo Grading
4. Upcoming Mid-year exam

i guess my life is seems quite insignificant (to you) but rather it's just a way for me to soothe my consience for abandoning my blog...

Wednesday, March 7

Librainy's Art of Finding

Arghh!!! I misplaced my (v.important!) essay book... But remember, under such situations,

Rule #1: act calm and oblivious.
Rule # 2: Don't EVER freak out.
Rule # 3: Stop looking for it.
Rule # 4: Obey the first 3 rules!

You know why?

It KNOWS. Yes, it knows you're looking for it and it won't materialize until you stop! This is based on my experience in looking for my previous missing objects, e.g. my glasses, the telephone (gasp!), books, money (but I found it already! Don't think you're THAT lucky) etc.

Sometimes it's just a matter of your own foolishness (like looking for your wristwatch when you're actually wearing it?) -- obviously I've never experienced THAT before(simply bragging); but sometimes it's just lost amid the massive clutter from the bedroom door all the way to the bed.

So, what about my essay book? I think I'll go medidate and hopefully it'll de-camouflage itself... (it better! or not I'll just have to tell teacher that my dog ate my homework)

Saturday, March 3

Watch out for 21st of July!

Yes, it's none other than the launching date of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

I mean, how much more money can J. K Rowling earn before she finally reveals the last book? It's definitely about time! But stores like MPH have started the pre-ordering service for the 7th book of this HP series... like 5 months before the book is released? Well, you can't exactly blame them for applying marketing tactics on dying-to-know-the-truth HP fans... like me!

You may also have noticed that I've added a countdown for the release date... Hey, I'm already at the edge of my seat right now! HP fans have been waiting for this moment like, forever? Questions like where are the Horcruxes? Who is R.A.B? and Did Dumbledore really die? are just dying to be answered! Just in case you want some spoilers to munch on before the book is out, check out this website:

That's all for now! Enjoy the excrutiating wait!

Thursday, February 22

'tis the season to be greedy

Characteristics of a typical Chinese:

1. Loves eating
2. Loves money
3. Loves gambling
4. Loves red and other auspicious stuff
5. Loves noise and the crowd

So NOW do you know why we celebrate Chinese New Year? So we can actually bask in our own indulgences, e.g.

1. Everyone gets to eat excessively until they get too full, get arteriosclerosis or hypertension.
2. Kids get the money and stay happy for the rest of the day.
3. Adults go gambling and LOSE money (98% of the time).
4. The whole house becomes plastered with red decoratives and piggy figures.
5. Aunties and Uncles get lost in the world of mahjong and deafening sounds. What a pleasure.

Am I sounding cynical today? Must be the fact that I didn't get enough money, didn't eat enough, banned from gambling and MOSTly because I didn't get enough money.

After all, I AM a typical chinese.

Wednesday, February 14

Where are my Roses and Chocolates???!!

Okay i know I sound like a desperate + aggresive spinster... although it's true that I'm a spinster (If i were married at this age it would be child labour), i'm not exactly desperate but a teeny bit disappointed due to the fact that I didn't receive any valentine stuff (except a --sorry, 2 --miserable Ferrero Rochers from Tiffany which I am utterly thankful for)... I mean it's sort of a girl's dream to get a surprise for Valentine's, right? (not the getting dumped kind of surprise, obviously)

So what should you do if you're single and it's Valentine's Day? Indulge in chocolates and ice-cream, of course! That was exactly what I did and frankly, I just felt fat and guilty (and I'm probably recommending this to you so that I'll not be the only one growing wider)

But anywayz who cares if you're single or attached? Bask in the spirit of love as it is not confined only to couples but also between friends and family! Wish each other Happy Valentine's Day and treat yourself with something good (and reasonably healthy)!

If these recommendations do not work for singles, just share this miserable day with your other miserable single friends and be miserable together :P

What? Was that mean? I'm single too, so I'm probably trying to miserablize your day. Sorry for that!

Friday, February 9

Double Sickness

In conjuction with the flu season, I have gone sick together with my computer (absolutely true) so that explains for my blogging absence for such a long time (yes, i know you miss me)

So now I have to reprogram everything in the new computer!(broke down due to worn out motherboard) i'll be back soon...

Wednesday, January 31

Did you know that I...

Argghh... the agony of having a 49.2Kbps dial-up connection!!! (in case you don't get it, it means that my internet connection is extra slowwww) I could have finished manicuring and pedicuring my nails and THEN my internet browser would appear (approximation only: i don't waste time pampering dead skin cells)

So what do I do as I wait for the page to load? *stifling a giggle* You might not know this, but I actually...


Sorry, according to today's newspaper...
Online diaries and blogs have become a phenomenon in recent years, with teenagers (that's me!) and young adults attracted to the genre in huge numbers.

Parents, teachers and police constantly urge young people (me again!--not implying that you're old) not to reveal too much about themselves online...
So sorry, can't tell you the secret about my friend's father who actually...

Hey!!! I ain't stupid y'know!

Friday, January 19

Fashion Show or Tuition Class?

Sometimes you just want to relieve your eyes from the superficialities of the world, but I guess the life revolving around people, especially teenagers, is about "shallowness" and "coolness". (~*Intelligent*~ Librainy hates to admit, but) including me too, okay? I still look into the mirror every day, check out my (short & stout) figure before I go out to make sure I look alright. It's normal!

But it's a different case altogether if you live to dress, not dress to live (i mean, you can live even if you go running around naked, but I would seriously die of humiliation.) To all tuition-goers out there (which are basically everyone 13-17 yrs old) don't you think tuition centre is like a fashion battlefield? It’s actually oKAY to dress up, but you’re not supposed to be prepped up as come-to-life anime characters and take it too seriously. Although I’m Form 5 this year (I find it hard to believe too), the Form 3 & 4 students have picked up the trend too and sometimes I, too feel I do not dress up to my age. (Probably that’s why people still ask me what standard am I in now)

Someone told me that being normal is doing what other people normally do and being abnormal is, like, running around naked ( I do NOT know why I like to use this as example.) If everyone starts covering up sensitive parts using leaves like the olden days, then that would be considered normal. Wearing clothes would seem abnormal instead. So just be yourself, wear what you like and be happy with it. Who cares what other people think? Anyway we dress up just to keep ourselves warm… (But I would not suggest taking anything off in public even in this tropical country) This may well be the longest post I’ll write in a century so you’d better drink up every word of it because it may well be the most intelligent writing you’ll ever read in your entire life.

Hehehe… Sorry to say that my ego has inflated a little (thank God, temporarily) so bear with me, ya?

Saturday, January 13

Impossible Missions

I should seriously be completing my school and tuition homework right now but what am I doing? Blogging. But I just can't control my fingers... they either want to be typing or sqeezing pimples, so the blogging is obviously better than sqirting yellow liquid on the mirror. (Okay! i'm not THAT gross)

Deep down, each of us has dreams and aspirations, and these are the impossible things that I want to do before I die:

  • Work as a supermodel and strut down the walkway wearing designer clothing and I get to keep the clothes! Obstacles: I'm waaaaaaaaaay too short and... just too short.
  • Kiss Won Bin on the cheek and tell him he's the cutest guy on earth (but i think he sorta knows that) Obstacles: He's a Korean actor? and famous?
  • Be the 1st person to survive a jump from the top of KLCC. Obstacles: I'm not a cat who happens to have 9 lives.
  • Fart (loudly!) in public. Obstacles: My farts are normally soundless. (They say the soundless ones can kill! oh no...)
I'll add some more to the list once i've thought of it... That's it for now!

Friday, January 12

Peer Pressure

Tiffany who has tortured me for the past century (this is her blog, btw:; but why am I promoting the all-time villain anywayz? and yenwoon, you're the accomplice..) decided to torture me again by pressurising me to write a post!!! I mean, not that I don't want to, but the inspiration hasn't exactly come along yet... So if I crap a bit in this post, it all owes to peer pressure *looks up at reader with cuuute watery puppy eyes, wink wink*... anywayz i tried out this test...



Nerdy Girl


Preppy Girl


Popular Bitch


Athletic Tomboy








What type of girl are you?!!
created with

I'm a hippy! What does it actually mean? It sounds pretty much like a hippo, but probably a nutty & crazy hippo (crazy + hippo = hippy?My maths ain't that good) and i'm pretty nerdy too... that's partially true since I can't exactly bear to lose in anything (except in height, and that is inevitable; check out my last post to find out the {shocking!} truth of my height)

Sigh... Life has been pretty hectic since the start of this year but I'll try my best to fulfill the new year resolutions (though I've broken a couple already! e.g. i've been squeezing my zits from 1st of January because it brings 20% guilt and 80% pleasure) to update my blog as frequently as possible... Don't miss me too much! I'll be back...