Monday, December 22

Childhood memories

Mom and I have been doing some spring cleaning (during winter -_-"). So while cleaning I pretty much relished in my childhood memories, which weren't much actually, if you count stuffing a basketball into my shirt, declaring to the entire household that I was pregnant and giving birth to a teddy bear with the help of a rabbit doctor. And you should be lucky I omitted the part where I screamed and writhed in pain during the ball labor -_-"

Sometimes I hoped that I had siblings of almost the same age (refer to big bro and big sis's blogs on sidebar) so I wouldn't be... I don't know how to put it la. I just know things would be different. Oh ya plus I would know how to fight back, 'cause now at home I don't have to fight with anyone for the last piece of fried chicken. I just TAKE it. (my parents are controlling their blood pressure level, so) So I know it sounds weird but I want someone to fight with me. I want some healthy competition. (See the keyword? healthy. So now don't suka suka simply cari gaduh with me ok.)

So these are what I found while clearing my shelves:

Two paper princesses made by yours truly and my sis.. the body is made from the cardboard part of the toilet paper roll (haiyo the only part that cannot be used to clean your posterior)

The only Power Rangers that all girls like...

Fragrant candle stuff bought at Ikea. Now I'm like what was I thinking? why waste money on smell???

My primary school student card. And I used to think I would never graduate primary school. And now time seems to speed up as we go older... oh no I might need that botox sooner than I thought... n ya that means you first Tiffy ^^

A heart shaped rock my mom and I found at FRIM nature centre waterfall...really sweet right?


callie said...

eh eh. i think i got the same power ranger leh. but its yellow and red i think. But dunno gone where d lu

Librainy said...

callie: i think it must be from mcdonald's happy meal or something

michzfern said...

i have that power ranger
whole set...white, black, yellow, pink, red and blue. But,i think i gave them away..haha
you still keep your primary ID so well..mine sudah hilang..sobs

Librainy said...

michzfern: lol you know where we got that? haha ya i jz gave them away too..sempena christmas ma ^^

haha no i think u jz misplaced it... like a found mine accidentally also