Sunday, December 14

College + Sunway Pyramid

A few days ago Suat Hoon and I went back to college to borrow some reference books... for revision (but they are till now sitting quietly on my study table, accumulating dust. so much for the revision.)

Guess what? The Inti new building is under renovation! Again! (and sad to say, the cafeteria is STILL smaller than Kwang Hua girls' toilet. We have a bigger place to pee than to eat. -_-") Maybe since it has been bought over by the Laureate International Universities... read more here.

Oh we also borrowed our Stats textbook for next sem! And hog the book for the whole sem so we can save money buying it, plus it was the last book left on the rack. Which increased our level of satisfaction of getting to it in time :P

After that we took the bas mini to Sunway Pyramid for some shopping!!!

More accurately, window shopping la.

We headed for Asian Avenue (which some people deem as the lala-ish place) and bought nothing. We headed for all shops with SALE! screaming on their countless posters/banners and still got nothing.

By that time my hands (and Suat Hoon's) super itchy already. We wanted to buy some stuff but there was nothing suitable! I really don't understand how people can just spend RM100++ in a day! How can they see so many things that they like and just BUY them?

Ok la, if I had legs that stretched a mile long & nice arms & C-cup boobs & a flat tummy then different la. 'Cause by then everything will look good on me and I would probably buy everything.

So anyway to cut the story short Suat Hoon finally got a pair of really nice shoes!

At ruffey id; RM 50 after 10% discount; if you buy another item then both will have 30% discount... I looked through all the clothes & bag & shorts & pants but didn't find anything that I liked... So Suat Hoon had to stick with the 10% discount. But don't you think they're really, really nice? (Haha sometimes I sound like SUCH a bimbo. With low level of IQ and limited vocabulary.)

And oh ya our lunch; at Ajisen Ramen.
Deluxe chicken katsu set- RM 14.80

California maki- RM 8

And oh an extra info courtesy of Sweat! Jogoya at Starhill Gallery is having promotion for LADIES only!!! 50% off!! and Sweat said it was really worth it... They have Haagen Daaz ice cream, white wine, red wine, and just everything nice! Only till this friday!

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