Wednesday, December 3


Sometimes I really really wonder what can I do to make my blog ratings soar. Drastically.

Like from 10 unique visits per day to like 10,000.

And I read in someone's blog that she likes to read people writing about their lives. It feels like knowing that blogger personally.

Okay Kenny Sia / Xia Xue / Su Ann etc write about their lives. I write about my life too.


Why don't sponsors find me for some product testing (haha yeah this is too far fetched) or why don't I get higher blog viewership? Can't I live a mundane & boring life and be rich at the same time? T.T

Okay la this post is an experiment. Whether people really enjoy reading other people's lives.

I cook. Every weekday. But honestly I just cook la. My mom prepares all the raw materials and I just cook them. (Wah since when did I have such a limited vocabulary)

Baked Beans (from the can) + Eggs

Bitter Gourd + Prawns

Curry fish and Lady's fingers

Last wednesday I went for my undang test. And passed! 48/50. And I completed my amali just hours ago.
Apart from cooking, I also spend my time reading.

And camwhoring.

And oh yeah.

I lost the left side of my contact lenses when I was in the attempt of putting them on around 2 weeks ago. Initially I thought it went into my eye (you have NO IDEA how paranoid I can be; except Tiffy :P)

Choi Ju once told me her sister's friend (yeah the stories are always from a friend's friend's friend) used to sleep with her contacts and they went to the back of her eye! They had to take it out through operation.

So having lost one side of my contacts and suddenly thinking of the story got me freaked out and my left eye started to feel uncomfortable & itchy. My whole family got into a toilet-wide search for the rubbery, transparent little thing.

Thankfully my dad found it. And my left eye miraculously stopped itching.

See? The biggest news that has happened in my life is an unnecessary worry over an eye operation.

Ok la. To add to the news, I have class gathering this weekend but I don't dare wear my contacts because we're going for steamboat. And I'm afraid that the steam with make my contacts melt.

Heck, people worry about dying from hunger, poverty and terrorist attacks, and I'm worried over melting contacts??


callie said...

hahaha. you just sound so cute. Contacts don't melt. But at first I did scare myself out too. I thought my contacts went into my eye, but it actually fell on the floor.

but did u use the contact that fell onto the floor?

Librainy said...

no la didn't use... such a pity cz i wore it only 5 or 6 times..

but ok la it was a trial pair so not so sim tia :P