Saturday, December 27


What is wrong with streamyx nowadays?? It took me about 500000 light years just to get to this page..-_-"

Ok. Breathe in, breathe out.

On a merrier note, I went to Grace's church 2 nights ago for Christmas..

Well actually it was a pretty daunting experience entering church for the first time in more than a year, and what more, I was 20 minutes early!! Why are my parents so darn punctual all the time?? I was really counting on the Klang town traffic jam, but traffic turned out to be smoother than my leg after waxing (lol I can be sooo lame sometimes). But why so untimely one?

But anyway all turned out okay; everyone was friendly and hospitable and soon it was dinner time! (gosh I shouldn't sound so excited since I don't want to sound like I went there for free food *guilty*)

Fooooood! The senior citizens first... Honestly buffet dinners should be made this way

After that there were performances in the hall...

I wanted to upload Grace's performance but it was wayyy too long.. So here's a video of a short worship session... Their voices are like pitch perfect and super touching T.T

Everyone has their own way of spending Christmas but mine will not be complete without being where it all started (sadly, not Bethlehem ^^) but relishing in Him and seeing the true focus of the occasion.

So Happy (Belated) Birthday, Jesus! &

Merry (Belated) Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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