Monday, December 8

a steamy affair

Life after graduating high school did seem to just fly by faster than you can say "librainy rocks". But thanks to Chia Chiun (and ironically, the organiser who couldn't come -_-") and wey kiat, a FINAL gathering was put together before some of our classmates would go overseas early next year. Honestly I've been enjoying college life and I don't spend every day reminiscing high school but after this gathering, I realised I sort of miss the usual chatter and gossip (MOSTLY the gossip) shared among classmates.

And I found out a couple of things:

#1: Some of my classmates read my blog!! (Thank you Chee Ling & Sin Yee!!) *super touched* they knew about the cutting hair in college incident and also my fear of contacts being melted by steam... -_-"

#2: Everyone didn't change much.. and I was there worrying I was the only one who didn't change =)

#3: There wasn't those awkward silences and painful pauses between conversations... I really felt at ease ^^

#4: The food was pretty good! Although I didn't eat much.. we were too busy talking :P

p.s. I have no idea why i came up with that title... doesn't mean I have a dirty mind okay :P we did go for steamboat..

And I'm lazy to post the pics up...but if you want to see them click HERE.

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