Wednesday, October 1

Wah. Damn emo now la.

Actually I had something else to blog about but seriously no mood to do that.






For some odd reason I've been getting rashes all over since this morning, from scalp to toe. So now I'm like *type--think--scratch--type--think---scratch* over and over again.

Why, oh why must this happen on such an auspicious day? When we finally had 2 days of holiday when the rest of the college world had theirs on monday already?



And you might have noticed that Friday means something to me.

Most of my friends are having other plans on that day: camp, balik kampung, gathering with old classmates and we only have 3 hours of lecture anyway. Enough reason to ponteng la.

But now things are maybe simpler since most probably I'll spend the day scratching myself like the most tick-infested ape in the world while blowing birthday candles.

That is exactly how emo I am right now.


Klang Gal said...


U know the birthday song:

Happy Birthday to u,
You are born in the zoo,
You look like a monkey...........

Yup, with you scratching here & there......... someone better send you back to the zoo =p

Librainy said...

wei evil la u.. ppl itchy somemore put me in zoo...

one of these days we better meet up..

so that I can infect you! and we both stay in the zoo together la k? isn't that romantic :P

Sheih nee said...

haha who is klg gal, so funny, which zoo u plan to stay in, i may cum to visit you hehe...

anyway, pity of you lor only 2 days hols izzit?

Librainy said...

Sheih nee: that's tiffany... haha don't have any zoo of interest at the moment... being human is fine for me, thank you :P

ya 2 day hols oni.. but also good la or not i celebrate my b'day alone :)