Wednesday, September 30

It's Graduation, once again

The maddening impulse to constantly take pictures has taken the class by storm! Almost like the atmosphere during Form 5 graduation, just that there are fewer classmates (and somewhat closer bonds!) this time round :)

At Inti Cafeteria with Mama (Will be remembered for its cheap food and blur-yet-cute uncle ^^)

At Lynn's Cafe, opposite Station 1 Subang (furthest we've went on foot I think)

Class of S2 with Bio lecturer Dr Chan

with Kaykay

doing beauty pageant poses

And once again, I get to show off my "unique" skills, if you know what I mean -_-"

And Suat Hoon n A Loo, 2 people that we should've "menjodohkan" earlier!

A2 is around a month away (exact starting date: 28th Oct o.O) but we're SO not in the mood to study this week; It's the END of my college life wei... But anyway we are DEFINITELY not camera-shy people.. Wan Ying says we have a total of 1777 pics up to date!

Terribly excited and anticipating tomorrow's activities!

p.s. felt a little dizzy around 6.20pm today, and I swore that I was rocking back and forth! turns out there WAS an earthquake in Indonesia...scary..
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Monday, September 21


Okay I seriously know that I should be studying Bio&Maths&Physics right now, memandangkan there will be mock exams on Thur and Fri, but just am feeling damn emo today.

1. Browsed through the blogs on my blogroll and found out that some people are leaving for the UK. (Ah Kiat wish you all the best in UK!) In which my application to UK has been making pirouettes over and over again in my mind... The what if's are just too tempting to stop thinking about it! I keep telling myself God plans for me but I'm secretly hoping he plans to take me to the UK XD

2. Bio is killing me! Heck I totally HATE the chapter on respiration. Enough said. Physics has officially claimed no. 1 in my list of fav subjects :)

3. My A levels are about to end; next week will be the last week with lessons! Every time I look back at ANY pic with my college pals, I just feel a surge of warmth and the feeling of family/togetherness. Honestly I have had a really narrow social circle since college, but we are just so close-knit that we're all past that obligatory courtesy stuff etc. We've all revealed our darkest secrets/weird habits that we're all perfectly comfortable in our own skin and have fully accepted each other despite the oddities... Hope I don't sound pompous or self-absorbed here but I'm definitely EXTREMELY grateful to have found you guys...

Sleepover at my house! What I love about them, compressed version; From left:
1. Kay kay-the straightforward pretty and thin gal who always teases me with my height but can really sing! (and won 3rd place in the Rexona K-Queen competition)
2. Wan ying-who talks faster than a bullet train and has very good memory and loves her bf very very much ^^
3. Me
4. Mama-the black sheep (inside joke) that laughs at almost anything and has an infectious laughter and extremely helpful but has problems expressing her thoughts sometimes :)
5. Bee Shuang aka US Dollar- the smartest gal in class with a child's heart and helped me pick up my Christian faith (bet you didn't know that!) and is very slim and tall!
6. Sweat-the Queen of "Cha xie" (in Chinese; meaning schmoozing), but has been missing in action since 2/3 months about due to undisclosed reasons.. PLEASE reply our messages! we miss you T.T

The group of Klangites, which would be really weird if they stayed over at my house too o.O

From left:
7. Chai Cheen-the very much transformed gal who has definitely matured since I first known her and has very very large eyes! and we share lots of same ideologies :)
8. Teck Hong-the one that I've known for the longest time but known the least; he turned from a great Ketua Kebersihan to a great driver (ok la, it was just 3 days) to a great friend! and we share the same initials :)
9. Suat Hoon-the sweetest gal that only speaks when she feels it's productive; a friend that is willing to sacrifice A LOT for others and not complain at all and understands me inside out ^^

Last but not least.. Jeng Jeng Jeng...

10. Lih Yi-the one who travels 4 hours a day to get to Inti and sleeps a lot due to excessive travelling! expert at baking and everything culinary and someone that warms up instantly to people...


Friday, September 18

In a flash

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus! Just submitted my UCAS application this afternoon at Uni Ed; I'm applying for biomedical engineering at Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Sheffield and Glasgow, wish me luck! According to the edu counsellor, the offer (or lack thereof) will be made in 3 or 4 weeks!! So fast can die.

Anyway this monday we used our Chocettes Championship prize for buffet lunch at Shogun, click here for complete album :)

1st round (the abalone was not tender enough but unagi slices tasted pretty good!)

2nd round (moist chocolate cake was yummy! the mochi--pink and yellow ones on far left-was tasty also)

Teck Hong's sushi plate

Fruit cocktail ^^

Oh ya Suat Hoon and I helped Chai Cheen in baking a frozen cheese cake (note the irony) for her bf's b'day. Click here for full recipe. (we modified digestive biscuits to oreo biscuits!)

after adding peach slices (we ate almost half a can's worth of peaches in the process o.O)

Suat Hoon though of placing orange slices in the middle! Too bad we didn't have strawberry...

After putting orange jelly

End result; very delectable indeed!

And we bought a "group T-shirt" after the buffet, and received confused glances from people at college when we wore it, and it was damn funny when I spotted someone saying "Did you see their T-shirts said" through clenched teeth to his friends..XD

Serious version

BFFs version

"Chuan" version

Da tou tie... 1st time with 9 people! It'll be a great college memory *sobs*

This week passed by in a flash, and next week will be even quicker with 3 mock exams coming up! Gotta do some revision :)

Tuesday, September 8

Zebra Cake- 2nd attempt and success!

Just finished writing my personal statement (FINALLY, after a long period of fickle mindedness, I finally chose to apply for biomedical engineering for UCAS) so I'm pretty exhausted for words... So here are pics to fill you in! Recipe from Lily's Wai Sek Hong; awesome food blog! For full recipe click here.

I know I sound like a total failure, but in my history of baking cakes, none has ever risen this high!

It looked pretty distorted after it was done... anyone knows why?
But at least it was damn spongy!
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Ok going to sleep now ^^
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Saturday, September 5

Getting Things Straight

Being the usual busybody, I overheard a conversation on the KTM and desperately wanted to participate. (though I wasn't part of the clique) So here's my unspoken part:

Some people assume that blogs=diaries. And if they don't have a blog and people ask them, the standard answer is "I don't plan on letting everyone know all my personal/private stuff."

HELLO?? No one said you HAD to write your deepest, darkest secrets for viewing pleasure (but it would be damn juicy la, obviously)

Blogging is like freewriting! Write whatever, whenever you feel like it, unless you want to have a loyal school of readers, then it's better to write consistently and don't crap too much.

When I first started blogging, I was really obsessed about people reading my blog and posting comments... and later I figured it was really tiring amassing a bunch of readers against their will. (and later found out some high school friends DO read my blog; just that they don't comment^^) Now I just write, though I'm not sure what drives me to blog consistently...

As for blogging material, there are unlimited things to write about. And different styles too. Some people go emo all the time (haiz.. he didn't choi me today.. why ah? did I do something wrong? haiz...) post the same camwhored pics taken from 2145875 different angles, or choose a controversial topic to blog about, for the sake of freedom of speech.

Alternatively, people use blogs to earn revenue, either through advertisements (oh ya click on my nuffnang ads ya) or open blogshops, selling items ranging from accessories, clothing to cupcakes.

Or, like me, a mixture of everything. I would categorize myself as an emo-monologue-camwhore blogger. My blogs are not really informative, so if you want to actually exercise your brain, run along then. Go browse wikipedia or something.

Well then! About time for me to do some revision before Grey's Anatomy ^^
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Tuesday, September 1

Mixed feelings

To read full story, please turn to 2nd last page of Starmag, just behind Dear Thelma (I don't have relationship problems etc okay)

FYI my article got published in the Sunday Star! It's either
  1. I don't have many friends who read english newspapers on Sunday
  2. I don't have many friends who read english newspapers, or
  3. I don't have many friends -_-"
cause no one noticed! (apart from my cousin manndee n some aunts--informed by my mom o.O)

I mean, it's not a big deal but obviously I would've liked it if people I knew spotted it... :) See? My ASD (attention seeking disorder) has left me with no choice but to flaunt my insignificant achievements like I just got engaged with Joe Jonas or something...

And this goes to one of my closest pals in college, Sweat.

Thanks for all the memories for the past year, bayi! It's been fun with you around, AND you're not over-confident; we WILL miss you...just take care ok, and remember we'll stick with you no matter what road you choose :) friends for life! Hope that everything will go smoothly for you from now on, and please call us when everything's settled ^^

Still loving you,