Friday, April 4

JPA interview (this is the LEAST creative title I have ever posted...*sob*)

Forwarded a month's worth of 4 days leave to attend this interview (FYI, will be going back this Sunday morning and working till 27th of April..)

Mine was held in Nilai (instead of Putrajaya) on 3rd April. Well initially I was torn between the choice of Nilai and Putrajaya but somehow I felt that Nilai sounded closer... so much for good intuition -.-"

Luckily I do have an understanding dad, who, as to not make matters worse (and to save my "face") commented that:-
"Haiya Nilai easier to find la, Putrajaya too many precincts, after cannot find then waste time"

Thanks dad!

Well, fast-forwarding past all the crap to the interview part, it was actually tougher than expected. Before entering the boardroom (sounds like The Apprentice eh?) I was with the basic impression that the self-intro would be in Malay while the discussion in English (this should be the standard script I guess), well mine turned out to be a tad bit more complicated than that...

Ok here's our seating:- (6 people altogether in 1 session)

(1) - Female, Chinese, Actuarial Science
(2) - Male, Chinese, Aerospace Engineering in Germany
(3) - Female, Chinese (Me!!), Food Science/Dietetics
(4) - Female, Chinese, Engineering
(5) - Male, Malay, Medicine
(6) - Male, Indian, Actuarial Science

Ours was split into 4 sessions: -
1. Self intro in English: Name, origin (sounds like we're some kind of animal), family background, etc.
2. Discussion (more like debate) in English: title was advantages/disadvantages of studying local/overseas (I got the advantages of studying overseas...lucky me ^^)
3. Discussion in Malay: asking why did I choose that course, the country I would like to go to, why, the future job prospects after taking that particular course, what overseas uni I have in mind
4. Knowledge-based questions in Malay: the difference between raja/sultan, the sequence of states (negeri) in which they pick the next Agong, number of governmental depts, the names of several Head of Depts...

I was like, heck.

The 4th session really got me... Honestly, I read more CLEO and StarTwo than the front page of newspapers! Besides, these info aren't mentioned in the papers THAT often! Argghh... -_-"

Walau bagaimanapun (don't know where that came from), not all interviews are like that... Depends alot on the interviewer; according to my friends who went to the Putrajaya interview, they (there are usually 2) just asked them to do a self-intro and basically discussion that required simple thinking but not those that would test one's knowledge!

My interview was 10am, the 8am batch got Proton questions... about its engines, its chronology... (as in which model to which model)

So basically it's different every time and every place, so future JPA applicants, just take note ^^


Timmy said...

Oh gee, that was tough. In fact, from what I've heard, everyone's interview was tough except for mine. I merely had to answer two questions, and the interviewers were nice too.

~ * Unperfect Angel * ~ said...

Gal... come on have some confidence... I know you gave it your all...^_^.. so now's just the waiting part, okay??
Thanks for the comment on my video btw..haha... did it cheer you up?

Tze & Yeesin said...

hey sis. crossing my fingers (and toes) for you...

Kathy said...

i was at Nilai too! I was in Panel 2, and was asked two stupid funny questions, one in BM and another in BI. didn't sound like an interview at
hahh~ all the best!! ;)