Friday, January 2

Blogging from Penang

Sadly I'm not popular enough for people to actually bother that I'm live blogging -_-"


My cousin Li Ling's dog... He's a mix between a Maltese & King something... He's a pet dog and not a guard dog... that's why he jumps and profusely licks everyone he sees. And yeah he was bought from Aussie... costing about RM 2000. And later he's going to groom his hair for 40 something ringgit. Talking about royal treatment. I haven't even been to aromatherapy or fish spa or done any facials or liposuction T.T

My dad's laptop, sadly is not Dell Inspiron. But I shouldn't be complaining, I know :)

More updates next time!

1 comment:

callie said...

aww. its so cute. The eyes look like a doll's eye. Haha. These dogs looked like those plush dogs. Huggable.=)