Friday, December 12

Mushi Mushi, wanna have some sushi? (lame but hey, it rhymes)

My mom and I made sushi 2 days ago, and honestly it didn't taste as good as the 1st time we did it... We really had beginner's luck back then... T.T

Here's how we did it: (recipe from the 1st time)

Note: This serves 4 people. We bought the sushi making set at Jusco; costs about RM 31. If you buy that you just need to buy the Japanese rice and your fillings.

  • Bamboo roller
  • 5 pieces of seaweed
  • 250g of Japanese rice
  • Fillings (Crabsticks, cucumber, carrots etc; whatever you like)
  • A tablespoon of salt
  • A teaspoon of sugar
  • 75ml of vinegar

1. Dissolve the salt, sugar and vinegar in a bowl.
2. Wash the rice, then cook it with 500ml of water. (and no less! or else the rice will be quite hard)
3. Mix the vinegar solution with the cooked rice and leave it to cool. You can fan it to make the surface glossy.
4. Start wrapping!
Leave the shiny side of the seaweed down and spread the rice till there's only 1/2 inch left at the top. After you cut them into pieces you'll get...

Voila! Tasty sushi ^^

Any recommendations to make it even more delicious?


天使 said...

ask sun ling...
she has so many experience doing sushi

Librainy said...

天使: oh good idea! will take note ^^

callie said...

it looks like kimbab. haha. But maybe you can add tempura prawn,and those fish eggs ar. the orangy thingy one.

Librainy said...

callie: what's kimbab? oh and are the fish eggs raw?