Tuesday, September 28


i think i've studied for around 4-5 hours today.

OMG i don't think i've ever been so hardworking in my life, in a non-exam period!

i'm getting scarier by the second.

Monday, September 20

i don't want to forget.

i think i learned from some random movie that goldfish have memory that lasts for 30 seconds, and that's why they can swim so tirelessly in their aquarium for so long. cause they keep thinking that the other side of the tank is unexplored territory.

obviously if humans were to suffer the same fate, medical students would NEVER graduate med school! haha =) and i guess emotions (the good AND the bad) would be less rampant. we'll hate less, but we'll love less too.

am thankful that although i dont remember lectures as well i hope to, but i do remember why I'm here, and what keeps me going on.

i have to say this out loud.

i'm here because this is how I want to change people's lives. me coming to HKU for medicine is already God's blessing (although I didn't get scholarship hahaa but one shouldn't be too greedy) and i should use this opportunity to learn more, experience more and most importantly learn how to share. i've come here to be an efficient student, not a studying machine. i'm here to gain well rounded education but not get too carried away with social activities. i'm here because this is how i want to live the rest of my life. to me, a life lived solely for one's indulgences brings no meaning. i might as well just live on an island with unlimited supply of food and entertainment and just die alone.

the fact that i know that people care for me keeps me going on. facebook chat and msn sessions with the 2 busiest people in my college group (SH and THboy) cures my friendsickness pangs and reminds me that true friends are rare but ever so long lasting.

and I thank God for being able to remember. Memories are such a lifesaver (besides during exams of course XD)

now, moving on to gluconeogenesis...

Thursday, September 16


When I used to teach the primary 1 & 2 kids in daycare, the kindy principal would sometimes come to help me out (actually most of the times T.T). once, when she came in, the kids' tables were in a mess cause I asked them to take out all their homework.

she said that if the table's in a mess, their minds and thoughts would be in a confused state too, like lacking direction and objective. so if i want them to focus, the table has to be organised, too.

as i type away, my arms can barely move more than 10 inches horizontally cause there are just stacks of things around me; books that i barely even read, girly vanity stuff (actually just a mirror =.=) all in 2 clutters (each on one side of the laptop)

its been almost 2 weeks since classes started, and i am still lost. we have an average of 2 lectures per day and i have revised around 50% of them... but it's so unlike me already! (cause i don't really revise until quite last minute XD)

am supposed to be reading up my common core stuff right now. and tidy up my table later.

omg this post is SO not inspiring. I need to get back that spark in my life!!!

Tuesday, September 7

today i saw a video on a community project whereby HKU and CUHK students visited the elderly.

and i cried thinking of my grandparents back in malaysia.

they said they would wait for me to graduate and come back, but it'll be 6 friggin years.

whenever i help an elderly, i'll think of them, hoping they know that i'm also doing it for them.

ah kong ah ma, i'll never ever forget you guys.

wait for me.

please, please, please wait for me.

Wednesday, September 1


... from hong kong.

It's already been a week since I stepped onto foreign land & today was our 1st day of faculty orientation. It ends tomorrow, and classes start on friday (and some people are already planning to borrow books from the library wth)

Our class has a variety of students, ranging from 18 yr olds who got in through EAS Early Admissions Scheme (straight from HK secondary school) and some 20+ non-Jupas who've already gotten a degree (some from Cambridge & Carnegie Mellon WTH x 2)

Throughout the week, I constantly went on shopping sprees, though the definition of "cheap" in HK is so so much different. Branded goods are everywhere and people are on a frantic quest to conquer designer labels even though they're extremely pricey (like a dress that costs like 300 HKD AFTER discount...) that's probably around RM 100+ and they think that's cheap. T.T

You could probably say that everything around HK is expensive, ranging from food (minimum RM 4.50, and that's like the cheapest food on campus), transportation, fashion etc. Been spending the last few days with malaysians, getting stuff, settling down, signing up for a HK number, buying a new laptop, new shoes etc. In fact I didn't even bring my camera around since it sort of became a really touristy thing to do and I'll be here for at least the next 6 years so I don't think I'll be missing much XD

my roomie's a korean! and a hot one too for that matter =) in fact almost all other international students' roommates are korean cause they're 60+ full time 1st yr undergraduates this time around.. and they're only like 25 malaysian freshmen... sad sad case T.T

but we did have merdeka gathering last night! to meet up with the new and old msians in hong kong... no pics la sorry that's why this post is damn wordy XD

and oh ya I think one week's worth of conversing in cantonese paid off! Some were surprised when I told them I wasnt local.. so that's a good sign kekeke

more updates soon!! ~~ <3