Thursday, December 11


to the new colour and header of A Dreamer's Sketchbook!

Is it easier to read my posts now that the background is white?

And simple as it seems, i used a whopping 2 hours to edit that header! Thanks to my "superb" skills at Photoshop -_-"

But anyway I'm planning to move to a newer site where I can write password protected posts :P

Yes you got it--> Wordpress.

As long as it loads faster... unlike Xanga (oops!)


SN said...

Simple n comfortable =) but i x see the sentence below the title, mayb u shud try other colour or get it bold

Librainy said...

SN: oh ok will improve :) thx!

天使 said...

wow... wordpress??
after u use mst tell me how is it yar~

Librainy said...

天使: k will tell you :)