Tuesday, December 16

Please help me....

...get richer ^^

Anyone who has friends or friend's friends who wants to study at Inti College Subang Jaya? Please leave a comment!

Muhaha yes if I recommend a student I get RM 500! But of course I'll split 50:50 la :)

Actually the more popular pre-u choice at Inti would be AUP (american university programme) but classes for A-levels are not bad too (honestly some of them WANTED to study SAM at Taylors but not enough $$ ka-ching)

The bright side of studying AUP is that you'll have TONS of friends from different classes, unlike A-levels, which is pretty much like form 6, minus the uniform. And an easier syllabus.

Well it really depends where you want to study after your pre-u course (but of course there are 3+0 programmes for AUP too) and how much can you afford.

So if you're interested (or know anyone who is) please come on 20th/21st dec (it's our open day) and please tell me! 'cause i have to come along to earn my RM 500. Ok la the RM 250 :P


Anonymous said...


How are you? It is better to earn money through this way than working as a promoter. Hope to see you...

Koh Sin Yee

Librainy said...

sin yee: haha agree. see you soon!