Tuesday, December 30

Melaka 1-Day Trip

Last Sunday we went to Melaka with Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, and it only cost RM 50 per person! (transportation, food & entrance tickets included) Cheap right?

The only regret from the trip is that I didn't get to try ANY local delicacies, e.g. Melaka Chicken Rice (鸡饭粒), Cendol etc... But these are a few destinations that we went to:

1. Melaka Zoo

Just so you know I am notoriously known for taking TONS of wildlife pictures; during my std 6 year end trip to singapore, I finished the one and only roll of film taking zoo pictures -_-" (didn't have digital camera back then)

Presenting the tip of the iceberg...

A headless Faber Castell parrot! He must be on strike due to pay cut due to recession -_-"

The only sleeping owl in the cage. The others were happily enjoying the limelight...

My mom with the tapir. It's so much bigger in real life

Miniature horse. Looks like eeyore from Winnie the Pooh eh?

Two lemurs yearning to join another lemur inside that enclosure. So darn ironic. I bet the one inside wants to come out la -_-"

Oh ya my father cracked a joke when we saw the deer.

Dad: You know the difference between a "high deer" and "old deer"?

Me: No. What?

Dad: One is "Hi, dear!" and the other is "Oh, dear!"


Educated Orang Utan! But I wonder how come he/she wasn't locked up (only him/her la) and just allowed to roam in the open; people might get hurt

2. Maritime Museums

There are a couple of them located close to each other but honestly there's nothing much to see

One of the museums are shaped like a ship. And you have no idea how many times I heard people around me crack jokes about "the Carribean sea" and "Captain Jack Sparrow"

My dad at his jokes again. (This is the ship captain's room)

Me: How come the wall and the floors all senget (lopsided) one?

Dad: So when there's a storm and the seas go rocky, the room will appear upright lo...

-_-". again.

3. Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower)

There was a freaking long queue... I strongly suggest not to go on weekends/public holidays. You'll spend 90% of the time waiting.

The circular part revolves 3/4 times at the peak before it comes down again... You can take in the full view of Melaka--The Stadhuys, St. Paul's Church, the museums and even Eye on Malaysia. Definitely worth it.

Eye on Malaysia from the top of the tower

4. A Famosa Fort

The walls were supposedly made from iron; that's why it's still the last wall standing

Since when were trishaws so commercialised?

Real, real bad traffic.

2 lovebirds outside The Stadhuys :)

5. Eye on Malaysia

We were having small talk with other passengers in the gondola.

Woman to mom: Your daughter ah? How old?

Mom: This year, 17

Woman: Wah! Really ah? She looks so... young...

Mom: *laughs and smiles*

Me: *looks on peacefully but feeling -_-"*

Even the ticket master at the zoo asked my mom.

"Ini... above 12 kah?"

YESYESYES!! FREAKING YES!! Sudah above 12! 5 tahun dahulu lah abang!

6. Melaka River Cruise

There was also a super super long queue here... I think about 1 or 2 km. And the whole cruise took about 45 mins. So how long were the others supposed to wait?? (oh ya fyi we went 1st since we booked early ^^)
The river was pretty clean for Malaysian standards and VERY SQUEAKY CLEAN for Klang standards

So due to traffic jam + queuing up = we didn't get to go Jonker Street. It was supposed to be pasar malam-ish with lots of stuff to buy...

p.s. Suat Hoon and I went to Grace's Christmas house party last night! (another Grace. Not grace from last post.) Will update next time :)

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