Wednesday, July 13

hey guys.

i've moved. Again!!!

from tumblr to wordpress. hopefully i'll stay put there, don't want to get too nomadic =)

you can now find me here.

feel free to drop by and say hi!

Sunday, February 13

i want change.

and therefore i'm moving.

this blog is generating too much traffic from the HKU/NUS MBBS interview post and I need more privacy XD

therefore i'm moving to a tumblr site.

The Happiness Project. (or so it will be named for the time being.) 

you cant really post comments unless you have an account in tumblr but I guess that doesnt really matter =)

It's sad to say goodbye but a drastic change needs drastic measures... see you at the other end of the rainbow!

Monday, February 7

We laughed, we cried, and then we grew up.

Despite the countless obstacles, our college gang finally met up, though the only-half-of-the-group-showed-up gathering only lasted barely 4 hours.

We went back to our old college and saw Mr Lau (maths), Mr Nava (physics AS sem 2), Mr Yeoh (physics A2) and we wanted to listen to Mr Lau's lecture but us barging into the class was simply too obvious although I didn't mind doing it cause we already have a bad reputation in college

We ate at Inti Cafeteria. The nasi lemak was still RM 1 and spicy. We met a fake Lihyi who had almost the same haircut, same bell-sleeved shirt who brought her own lunch. We spotted some familiar faces; the lab assistant, our bio teacher's archenemy, and some lookalikes from our old days in college.

For a moment I felt alive again.

Where I lived in a world with my own rules. Where people's opinions about what I did, what I wore, what I said didn't matter anymore because I had a group of friends who accepted my loudness and lack of subtlety.

But living abroad (in fact leaving college) has given me enough lessons that the world can be evil, it can be pretentious, it can be selfish. In fact it's brimming with so much lies it's so hard to spot sheer honesty.

But I strongly believe that no matter how badly the world treats me, I will not turn into one of those backstabbing, hatred filled, self centred people, even if it hurts me.

I will keep on fighting, keep on falling, and keep on getting up.

Because I know that when I can take it no more, I'll have my true friends to hang on to.

Thank you for everything =)