Tuesday, December 9

Red Box + 大头贴

Note: 大头贴= Professional Camwhoring?

Barely 2 days after our class gathering, we got together again for some serious heart-belting, lung-screaming & bootie-shaking session at Red Box... (Though I think I was the only one who went "high" at the wrong places :P)

The Pussycat Dolls with Celine Dion's amazing voice (haha perasan betul)

Tiffy & Sueann

Not forgetting our photographer! Siew Fen ^^ who's allegedly better than Celine Dion...

After that we headed to Asian Avenue to take the 大头贴 photos..

Note to self: never try opening eyes any wider than its original size

Here's thanks to the Japanese for inventing these machines that made us look fairer, pimple free and adding lots of bling to the pics ^^

This pic was really blurry..

'cause look at how small it really is!

The only complain that I have with this is--no TIME to get ready before the camera goes SNAP! You know we have to straighten our clothes, comb our hair, strike a pose, flash our sweetest smile in like 5 seconds??!!!

Actually we did practice some poses but once the timer started everyone was just like "看哪里?看哪里?" (See which camera?) or "快点!换位!" (faster change positions!)... It was more chaotic than Jusco members day I'm telling you -_-"

Although it cost us quite a lot (Total=RM26/ RM6.50 per person) it was definitely worth it for my high school besties... Love y'all like hell!

xoxo, Tze Hui ^^


天使 said...

i like tis post dude~~
although im not in, but i can feel the atmosphere~~

Librainy said...

天使: yeah we were super kan chiong... this is not our expertise ma :P