Sunday, August 5

Money= Solution to everything?

According to my father,

Money is not everything; it is the only thing.

and it's true to a certain extent... Just a few days ago, there was a BM seminar in our school for SPM students (yes, Librainy is ONLY a Form 5 student but with an Einstien-y intellect... Such a waste, don't you think? *people puking in the background*)

Ok, I digress but we had to sit through 2 hours of the seminar, which was actually quite worth it, but the topics discussed only revolved around specifically one karangan. Finally I came to notice that ada udang di sebalik batu (sorry... too much Dewan Siswa...) 'cause the speaker of the seminar ended his speech with
If we can only cover karangan in 2 hours, that means we need around 10 hours to finish explaining the whole BM paper
then i was like okaay... Something's fishy...

Eventually he told us that he and a few other teachers were holding another workshop in KL for 10 hrs...

1st thing on my mind-- free ah?

Apparently not. Almost 100 ringgit man! So i'm like, does everything in this world come with a price? (except oxygen, obviously. at least for the moment.)

Doesn't it sound like we have to exchange money for good exam results? Well, obviously it's a win-win situation since
  • the people responsible for the seminar will get monetary benefits
  • students who attend the workshop will be closer to an A1 for BM (hopefully!)
But obviously I still feel a tad bit cheated 'cause I've spent 2 hrs being talked into spending almost 100 ringgit!

Well, in case you want to know...

I'm going for the seminar. So much for my "dignified" speeches!