Wednesday, March 7

Librainy's Art of Finding

Arghh!!! I misplaced my (v.important!) essay book... But remember, under such situations,

Rule #1: act calm and oblivious.
Rule # 2: Don't EVER freak out.
Rule # 3: Stop looking for it.
Rule # 4: Obey the first 3 rules!

You know why?

It KNOWS. Yes, it knows you're looking for it and it won't materialize until you stop! This is based on my experience in looking for my previous missing objects, e.g. my glasses, the telephone (gasp!), books, money (but I found it already! Don't think you're THAT lucky) etc.

Sometimes it's just a matter of your own foolishness (like looking for your wristwatch when you're actually wearing it?) -- obviously I've never experienced THAT before(simply bragging); but sometimes it's just lost amid the massive clutter from the bedroom door all the way to the bed.

So, what about my essay book? I think I'll go medidate and hopefully it'll de-camouflage itself... (it better! or not I'll just have to tell teacher that my dog ate my homework)

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