Saturday, December 8

Shmashing adventure!

2 out of 8 of my resolutions have been successfully completed...

Firstly, i went for a haircut and came back with a fringe! (cannot take any pics for this... My fringe is still pinned up so that it stays in place next time)

Besides, Tiffy, Cassandra (Tiffy's lil sis), Grace and I went a' gallavanting at AEON... Man, was it fun! Luckily Tiffy brought her camera so please visit her blog (click here) to check out the pics...

It seems that AEON has become the Kwang-Huarians' lepak hotspot... Saw 5S1 students and also our BM teacher having a munch at the restaurants... (BM teacher was giving us that what-have-all-of-you-been-up-to looks... hehe)

So anyway we had our lunch at Sakae Sushi and had my first try at raw salmon and wasabi (and no, I have not been staying at any kampung for 16 years of my life... I just haven't tried Japanese food in my entire life... except for a sushi 2 years ago...) so then I was mildly fascinated at how the ocha (which means green tea! haha!.... erm, you'd probably known that already, didn't you?) was served... I was thinking of pressing the wedge labelled "hot" with my palm... then my friends reminded me that I was supposed to pour hot water into the cup, not scorch my hand :P

Ok, cutting the crap, we ate rice (is it ubon? I forgot... anyone please correct me...) (which is supposedly donburi) and if you do go there, you might want to try Teriyaki ChickenUbon Donburi (which means rice)... but since I'm no connosieur on Japanese fine dining, I'll just have to tackle the limitations of my English vocabulary to describe the dish by using words like scrumptious, delicious, sumptuous, bla bla... Just try it lar!

We hung around for an hour or more till everyone were gone save for 4 silly damsels putting the digicam on self timer to take pics... all the waiters and waitresses crowded over our table to witness the incredible feat of us squeezing our heads and bodies to suit the height of the camera... and guess who got the largest head shot? yep, it was Tiffy's sis... check out the pics to see for yourself! and yes, the thought to ask the waitresses there to help us out did cross my mind, but what's more fun that body-shoving, head-ramming and mouth-screaming at each other in front of the camera?

Luckily I hung out with non-spendthrifts and I managed to save my wallet from being stripped of its dignity... but I still couldn't tahan myself from buying Big Apple Donuts... (its at the top floor... same floor as the cinema)

*~I bought a box of 6... but where did one and a half go? I wonder... burp. excuse me.~*


Klang Gal said...

haha.. I think it's called donburi or somethng.. Should hang out more often ya.. Muacxx.. had real fun wit u guys

Librainy said...

okaayy... I'd better go edit this post! I really do have short term (japanese terms) memory loss!