Friday, January 12

Peer Pressure

Tiffany who has tortured me for the past century (this is her blog, btw:; but why am I promoting the all-time villain anywayz? and yenwoon, you're the accomplice..) decided to torture me again by pressurising me to write a post!!! I mean, not that I don't want to, but the inspiration hasn't exactly come along yet... So if I crap a bit in this post, it all owes to peer pressure *looks up at reader with cuuute watery puppy eyes, wink wink*... anywayz i tried out this test...



Nerdy Girl


Preppy Girl


Popular Bitch


Athletic Tomboy








What type of girl are you?!!
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I'm a hippy! What does it actually mean? It sounds pretty much like a hippo, but probably a nutty & crazy hippo (crazy + hippo = hippy?My maths ain't that good) and i'm pretty nerdy too... that's partially true since I can't exactly bear to lose in anything (except in height, and that is inevitable; check out my last post to find out the {shocking!} truth of my height)

Sigh... Life has been pretty hectic since the start of this year but I'll try my best to fulfill the new year resolutions (though I've broken a couple already! e.g. i've been squeezing my zits from 1st of January because it brings 20% guilt and 80% pleasure) to update my blog as frequently as possible... Don't miss me too much! I'll be back...

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Klang Gal said...

Hey, I'm an angel... OK??? i mean, look at my angelic-pimples-free skin.. Anyway, u did tat quiz too!! Fun, right?? I'm kinda addicted to QuizFarm right now...