Sunday, December 9

#2: My Family and Other Animals

This is a book casually mentioned by my English tuition teacher--after I saw her laughing her heads off reading the 2nd book in the series, "Birds, Beasts and Relatives”. Her words are like GOLD to me, so these are my findings after reading the book:

Book Title: My Family and Other Animals
Author: Gerald Durrell
Bought for: RM 29.95

Brief Overview: Gerald and his family move from England to the island of Corfu, Greece, and the story evolves around, obviously, his family members and the animals that he finds on the island (by the way, he is a HUGE animal lover!) The flowers, trees and animals are described not only with plenty of detail but also you can feel that he really loves nature… I mean he can just spend the whole day just looking at tortoises! It’s just a pity that most of the plant and animals species aren’t inhabitants of the Malaysian tropical rainforest, which pretty much holds back your imagination by a notch… (Unless you look it up on the Net or something!)

What I like about the book: It’s really very funny, and I mean the laugh out loud kind of funny… Durrell really knows how to play with words, and just imagining the crazy antics of his family and the animals will really make you wonder—how different are we from animals? (This is where the book title comes into picture!) I was reading this at the hairdressers’ and I reckon the customer next in line thought I was going cuckoo with me practically guffawing almost every 2 minutes!

Who should read the book: Not recommended for those who like fast-paced, mind-boggling and mystery-solving plots… This book has no actual “storyline” and it’s more like a “diary” in which Durrell indulges his thoughts and daily encounters… This book really is a combination of literature, documentary (you’ll know why you need to put a scorpion into a tin full of oil!) and adventure… It is definitely a breath of fresh air from all those Da Vinci Code-style novels!


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Book-reviewing huh? The book sounds fun anyway. Have you read any Jodi Picoult's?

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i like harrt potter more~~

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