Friday, December 7

bye bye blue pinafore!

For the FIRST time in my life the term "holidays" can live up to its name! So behold, my “bye bye blue pinafore” resolutions:
*~2 years worth of knowledge... all of them going to end up at the recyling centre...
so, anyone! please save them from this gloomy fate! (with payment, of course)~*

  1. TRY to sell all my Form 4 & 5 school books without suffering a great deal of loss (selling books at half price is a great loss!So, anyone interested? *flaunting the Shrek's puss- in-boots look)
  2. Improve on my blog by frequently updating it (well, hopefully *grin)
  3. Find a decent-paying-yet-not-too-tiring-and close-to-home job (too idealistic, huh?)
  4. Watch Stardust, The Golden Compass, Enchanted (my movie list at the moment)
  5. Rope skipping! (Is it wrong to give a 5 feet tall girl a teensy bit of hope?)
  6. Pray harder so that I get straight A1’s for SPM and I will not get NS next year :)
  7. Get a fresh new haircut (but not a new hair colour! Black is the new… black?)
  8. Go to AEON Bukit Tinggi and shop till I drop! just look around… :P
Let's see how many of them can I tick off my list before 31st Dec!

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