Saturday, January 13

Impossible Missions

I should seriously be completing my school and tuition homework right now but what am I doing? Blogging. But I just can't control my fingers... they either want to be typing or sqeezing pimples, so the blogging is obviously better than sqirting yellow liquid on the mirror. (Okay! i'm not THAT gross)

Deep down, each of us has dreams and aspirations, and these are the impossible things that I want to do before I die:

  • Work as a supermodel and strut down the walkway wearing designer clothing and I get to keep the clothes! Obstacles: I'm waaaaaaaaaay too short and... just too short.
  • Kiss Won Bin on the cheek and tell him he's the cutest guy on earth (but i think he sorta knows that) Obstacles: He's a Korean actor? and famous?
  • Be the 1st person to survive a jump from the top of KLCC. Obstacles: I'm not a cat who happens to have 9 lives.
  • Fart (loudly!) in public. Obstacles: My farts are normally soundless. (They say the soundless ones can kill! oh no...)
I'll add some more to the list once i've thought of it... That's it for now!


Jon Ng said...


I feel a little bit surprise when i read your blog.. Maybe that's why u called it "Impossible Missions". However i hope that u'll achieve your possible missions one day and make your impossible missions possible.

Care from

Elicia said...

Hello cuttie,

"sqirting yellow liquid on the mirror"? that's really gross! Anyway my dear, your dreams, that's really quite impossible NOW. As the saying goes "Nothing is impossible". I quite agree with that. You're a girl with lots of achievements. Who knows? your so called "dreams" might come to reality? =) jump, drink milk, think posotive and you might b the next model. Work hard now, get a good paid job and you might fly around the world and you just might meet won bin and kiss him on the cheek. Be an actor, when you jump from klcc, gurantee you won't die, there'll be a big thick bouncy bed waiting for you at the bottom. Farting? Just eat lots of beans... it'll help... trust me! =D

Lot's of love from,

Librainy said...

Hahaha thanks for you hilarious feedback, Elicia! and jon... I think i've just made it apparent that i literally FORCED u to post a comment... hehe

Klang Gal said...

Seriously, to strut down the catwalk, you need to be at least 170 cm.. Stat jumping now, Tyra Banks ( u know who she is... RIGHT??!!)

*choir_inspiration said...

hmmm... you might able to kiss Won Bin when he's old... but in the meantime, back off!!! ...LOL...jk

Anyways, not still have the time to update your blog gal...^_^

yen_woon said...

that's my other identity by the way...forgot to change...