Thursday, February 22

'tis the season to be greedy

Characteristics of a typical Chinese:

1. Loves eating
2. Loves money
3. Loves gambling
4. Loves red and other auspicious stuff
5. Loves noise and the crowd

So NOW do you know why we celebrate Chinese New Year? So we can actually bask in our own indulgences, e.g.

1. Everyone gets to eat excessively until they get too full, get arteriosclerosis or hypertension.
2. Kids get the money and stay happy for the rest of the day.
3. Adults go gambling and LOSE money (98% of the time).
4. The whole house becomes plastered with red decoratives and piggy figures.
5. Aunties and Uncles get lost in the world of mahjong and deafening sounds. What a pleasure.

Am I sounding cynical today? Must be the fact that I didn't get enough money, didn't eat enough, banned from gambling and MOSTly because I didn't get enough money.

After all, I AM a typical chinese.


Siang said...

If 98% of the adults lose money, then who's the 1 winning them?

Librainy said...

ermm... 2% or mayb more? Then they lose the money again after putting them in for gambling

Librainy said...

greed is the root of all evil

Tze & Yeesin said...

Happy New Year of the PIG sis! Hope you guys have lots of fun. We stayed up late last weekend at our friends place playing mahjong, and cooking malaysian food!

Klang Gal said...

the remaining 2%??? ME!!!