Saturday, December 22

5S2 Class Trip: Langkawi/Penang 6D4N

This was truly the last time 36 of my classmates and I could be together... I can't say it was totally worth the money but it was definitely fun... Most importantly, I got to know some of my classmates beneath the surface and they have definitely changed my perspective towards them...

Day 1 & 2: 15th and 16th Dec

Departed from Klang at 9.30 pm, had the tour guide telling us his tragic love story that (hopefully) is 100% true but sounds extremely Korean drama-ish, but i digress. So we reached the jetty by 6am, reached Langkawi by 8am.

~*Cheryl and I goofing out on the "midnight bus"..:P *~

Went to a couple of places like Underwater World Langkawi, Dataran Lang, etc... Pictures say a thousand words, right? so these will do the trick...

*~Grace, Cheryl, Chee Ling and I posing beneath the enormous Helang figure~*

*~ (amazing!) Photograph courtesy of Librainy :P~*

*~Hmm... Looks familiar... Like from some movie I've seen before...~*

*~ From left: Wan Yee, Chee Ling, Sin Yee, Cheryl, Grace and Me! on the top of some mountain... anywayz we sat the cable car up there... you can see how the strong the wind is by the looks of our hair... ~*

Day 3: 17th Dec, Mon

Island hopping we go! Unfortunately weather was kinda cloudy so we only went to Pulau Dayang Bunting... No pics for this cause I was scared that my my camera would be water-logged...

Day 4: 18th Dec, Tue

This was our free day so all of us basically rented a couple of vans to get to Pantai Cenang in Langkawi... Stunning view! 1st time I saw sunset on the beach! Went banana boating too! RM 15 per person! Wanted to go parasailing but it was RM70... According to Tiffy it's RM 35 over at Thailand...

*From left: Grace, Sin Yee, Me and Cheryl; behind: the calm sea!~*

Day 5: 19th Dec, Wed

Off to Penang! Checked into our hotel around afternoon... Went Kek Lok Si Temple and Dharmikarama Burmese Temple...

*~Grace, Chee Ling, Me and Cheryl with the fabulous Kek Lok Si Temple as the backdrop...~*

After having dinner at Gurney Drive, 10 of us (5 guys 5 gals) took a "short" walk back to our hotel, Hotel Continental Penang...

*~Top row from left: Chee Ling, Sin Yee, Ree Gent; Middle row from left: Xie Ming, Jin Wei, Chyi Shyn, Wee Chun; Bottom row from left: Grace, Me, Cheryl, Zhi Yuan~*

Oh wait! Before our "short walk", we took a tour into G Hotel.. looks really high-end!

*~They really do have a big "g"!~*

*~"SS"ing in front of the mirror--inside G Hotel~*

*~B-E-A-uutiful deco outside Gurney Plaza!~*

Day 6: 20th Dec, Thur

Time to say goodbye... went to a couple more short trips in Penang, stopped in Ipoh Hot Springs... (too bad no pics... again...) but it was definitely hot enough to (hopefully) improve my blood circulation! Btw there's sorta like a book fair in Gurney Plaza right now with up to 70% discount... Bought a book recommended by Amelia Foong (Special Topics in Calamity Physics for 30% it's price!)

That's all! Off to Shanghai this Sunday! More stories to come...


Timmy said...

The goofing out and the G hotel pictures are really cute. Actually, it's just the gi-normous 'g' of the G hotel that's cute.

And, just buy the book. You can keep on re-reading it.

天使 said...

wow...really nice ^^
i like tis 1~~~~
heehee.... nice nice nice^^

Amelia said...

Oh oh oh!!! I hope you enjoy the book! Tell me how it goes :)