Saturday, July 28

Never in a Thousand years...

would I have thought that we could win the Law Olympiad Competition held in HELP Uni College today! (*We= Me+Tiffy+Mei Qi+Zhi Yuan+Lee Kiong)

~*The site of the Law Olympiad held 3 years ago--but looks almost the same*~

Usually I don't really mention stuff going on in my daily (and pretty mundane) life, but this is really really unexpected--a truly pleasant surprise! Reasons that I thought we could not win:

1. There were 41 teams who participated around Selangor (or throughout the country, I don't know), each school sending 2 / 3 teams, including premier schools like Catholic High and Assunta and Damansara Jaya etc. (who some of them may not even know that SMJK Kwang Hua Klang exists)

2. We did not have the past year papers, so we couldn't make much preparation (which some other schools had, but not all)

3. We didn't really know each of the team mates well (some from a different class)

4. Our general knowledge was pretty limited (but we did do some research--which all of them weren't asked)

5. Our school has never won for the past 7 yrs (this is the 8th yr it is being held)

Yes, undeniably my ego and complacency has inflated to a jumbo-sized balloon today but you can't blame me us for winning, right?

Thanks to all the team members for their wonderful work (I personally think I was the weakest link, but we won anyway) and Thank God for this golden opportunity!

This post can be simply summarized into 4 words: bragging about Librainy's victory.

So, what? Sue us!

p.s. sorry for being mean today... The Hyde side of me is running beserk today! It must be power hungry....


Klang Gal said...

Haha.. I can't believe we won too.. You are not the only one bragging about it.. We are the chmpions...(in a sing-song voice) It does feel great being the CHAMPION.. right?

Shirayukiz said...

yea... I'm happy and all but where's the money $.$ haha...