Sunday, April 29

What makes a good blog?

I always face the problem of attracting readers to my blog (I AM Librainy the intellectual, but you see, not many people can understand geniuses... get it? hmm..i thought so too) but I suppose you have to have the "X-factor", e.g.

  • frequently update your blog (unfortunately, not me)
  • informative posts (do my intellectual opinions count?)
  • a sense of humour or at least some closeless with the reader (does my superiority consider as "closeness"?)
Well, there are the "Y-factors" that work just well, e.g.

  • posting indecent photos (*feminist speaking* don't know why, this works best on guys)
  • controversial issues
  • using vulgar or exaggerating language
Ehem... no offense to any other bloggers out there, just making a point...

and I'm not having sour grapes syndrome due to lack of readers! (or am I?)


Klang Gal said...

What makes a good blog? Read my blog and you'll have the answers.. =p

Brendan said...

Oh yes you do!!! XDD