Friday, November 28

Of dim sums, TVB empty wallet T.T

The stark contrast between Hong Kong and Macau? Definitely the hotel rooms.

Room at Macau vs. Room at Hong Kong

A single bed at Macau could actually fit all of us three (Mom, Dad & I) while one bed at Hong Kong could barely accomodate 2 people without having one of them fall of the bed.

No wonder there were barely any fat people around in Hong Kong. One could not risk having his/her waistline any wider than the door/walkways!

And the food in Hong Kong ain't cheap either; a bowl of mee normally costs 18HKD/RM 9; in Malaysia you can eat 3 bowls of Hokkien mee already loh! And I suppose you have to choose the right makan store; 'cause the stalls that we went to were just okay; AND they didn't have proper, spicy chilli sauce/sambal!!! I remembered missing nasi lemak soooo much :(

Vivi Mag selling for 30 HKD/RM 15; in Malaysia it's only RM 11

The Twisties that look like twisties tetapi dipanggil Fonzies; honestly I don't know why they the packaging looks identical. But I checked, it was made in Malaysia. -_-"

Please enlighten me; is RM 3.50 for a pack of chewing gum considered cheap? 'cause seriously I don't know... because I seldom buy sweets (and most of the time I'm not the one paying for it :P)

As for places of interest, there weren't any outstanding ones; just lots of "oh lets just take some pictures and go" places; (do people actually understand what I'm saying? lol)

The Jumbo Boat-cum-restaurant; apparently the God of Gamblers/King of Gamblers (赌神) movie was filmed there

The Temple Street Market at Yau Ma Tei (油麻地) , very near from our hotel (Dorsett Seaview). The stall vendors are very smart though; they only layan ang-moh customers. Maybe they know us Asians will surely touch here touch there, discuss among one another, shake our heads and just walk away; OR try to bargain. Of course we'll never buy stuff at their original price, but the Caucasians just accept whatever price the storekeeper offers them.

Proves how weak the Malaysian ringgit is; I wonder when can we just BUY and stop bargaining/comparing prices. Just BUY because we can afford it.

I forgot the name of the temple; first pic: mom, dad (yes, not my grandpa, contrary to popular belief) with the temple as the backdrop.

2nd pic: people lining up to touch/caress a statue that will apparently bring prosperity/wealth--look at the queue! Unbelievably long;

3rd pic: in english it means Marriage Rock (ok la not proper translation) but you get the point.. I wanted to touch it but it would look weird for a 17-year old to be so desperate :P

Ok that's all :)

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yer.. i wan to go.. no money... T.T

callie said...

i guess in the hk hotel room, you barely have space to walk?

Hmm, I think right, if want to get those high class service and room in hk, it should cost us a bomb.

Librainy said...

莹: haha too bad can't sponsor u... marry a rich man/earn lotsa ka-ching $$ and you can travel around the world la babe

callie: yeah that's why we really didn't buy anything except 2 magnetics and ur mask :)