Saturday, November 1

Librainy without the brain

It's funny why there's always this feeling of emptiness soon after a major exam. There's this "what to do now?" thought lingering. Forever. It's like life's meaning has been simplified to staring into the idiot boxes (tv + computer), thumbing text messages to my Activ10 and scavenging the fridge just to find that bar of chocolate, stare at it, question my inner conscience and finally put it back in.

Ok la this post is just for me to create some purpose in my life. So these are things that I plan to do to keep myself busy:

  • Complete my NaNoWriMo novel for the 1st time (and most probably the last :P)
  • Finish reading my abandoned pile of books (comprising: The Handmaid's Tale, Special Topics of Calamity Physics, The Picture of Dorian Gray etc.)
  • Finally start practising my rusty piano! (with this I mean my fingers and the instrument)
  • Diet! bulging tummy! diet! flabby arms ! diet. Enough said.
  • Watch lotsa lotsa movies.
Oh ya, good luck to Tiffy, Qiuhong, Yenwoon, Shan May + all SAM students + all SPM students!

Exams are mutilating experiences but experiences nonetheless :P

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