Wednesday, November 19

This is what boredom does to me

The holidays are boring me to the extent that I may not only rot. I may just as well grow roots and photosynthesize right at home. So my parents can eat my leaves. Okay I'm just crapping. You have to understand my mind has entered a chronically degenerative state.

The thing is, I MISS MY FRIENDS!!! I MISS COLLEGE!!! I MISS LIFE!!! (esp social life)


Okay this is the start of a really poetic post. This is not me emo-ing. Or trying to shed a new skin and try to be the next Blake Lively. I really mean what I write. By the way an update on my Genting trip with college friends like 2 weeks ago :)

Friends are for discovering your...well...uh...undiscovered talent. They'll bring out the actor/actress/supermodel (or sampat-ness) in you :)

Friends are for holding on to. Whether when you've heard a weird (and super eerie!) noise coming from the hotel toilet or when you're seconds before the plunge in Space Shot. The best of friends, they'll never let go.

Friends show you how to fly. How it's never wrong to dream, even the most naive or absurd ones, 'cause having a dream is like having a reason to live ^^

Friends remind you you're never too old for something. Just a tad too heavy for it; poor purple dino :P (looks like the Jurassic Park version of barney eh?)

Friends teach you it's okay to be outrageous & melodramatic once in a while. People really can't be sane all the time =)

Friends try to be in step with one another, no matter how different their background and upbringing they may have. With just a little practice, cooperation and patience, it'll be something worth jumping for joy.

Friends cherish moments together, even on rainy days. Even when everyone's drenched to the bone.. XD

Friends share their deepest, darkest (and some erotic) secrets without holding back; because they know true friends won't be judge them from their past and embrace the fact that everyone makes mistakes...

Friends show you how to be passionate about life and how to turn every single moment into priceless memories. Sometimes it wonders me too how just a spurt of water can make us all scream in delight :)

If life is a road, I'm glad I've got friends walking me through it.


callie said...

did anyone looking at u guys sitting on the dinosaur? It looks pityful. haha.

btw, is the flying thing scary? the one u and mama sat?

Librainy said...

haha actually d people at d back were jz standing la, the dino's butt not dat long :)

no la it's the spinner, super fun not scary. the space shot's wut i call scary

*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

Now that is what I call a touching post... ^^ I'm glad that you have made more loving friends... treasure them, yeah?

Librainy said...

fallen angel: yeah sure i will ^^ but don't worry i treasure my old friends too :P