Sunday, November 16

College Gang = The next band of gossip girl?

Moral exams were officially over last Saturday!! FINALLY I can stop memorizing how to spell all the excruciatingly long and show-offy moral terms... (think consequentialist and utilitarianism. It took me 5 minutes just to type that.)

But somehow it's pretty sad too, memandangkan my Taiping and Alor Setar classmates were going back to their hometown and we would have a proper class reunion only next year when school reopens.

~~~~digression, coming through~~~~~

Which reminds me. Anyone knowing anyone who will be joining Inti Subang next year? Please please PLEASE tell me ya? 'cause I can earn RM 250 per new student, seriously! Whoever tells me I belanja a RM 5 (or below) meal la :P

After exams, a couple of us went Sunway Pyramid just to hang around, and we came upon this...

Me: Wah... hey sweat! look at this poster... everyone so pretty la...
Sweat: Ya.. when can we ever look like this?

Me: Yala you see all the lengluis usually walk together one...

Bottom line: We need change. Quoting from Obama, the change we need.

But how to change this...

into this?


I think first we need to:

  • Stop eating in public (no la). Learn how to stop talking while eating and chew 389 times before swallowing. And remembering to bring tissue papers. (instead of borrowing from the guys. seriously!)
Start acting our age. Like know more about US presidential campaigns and do more volunteering/charity work
  • Act cute, get sexy, play hard to get, look innocent, but NEVER, ever look dumb.
  • There is a fine line between being emo and being dramatic. THIS is dramatic.

I have more shocking pictures but they are best left in my computer :P


Blossom said...

looks like u enjoy ur college life very much o.. ^^

YewChong said...

LOLLLL that pregnant woman made me laugh :D damn funny, haha.

Librainy said...

blossom: yeah definitely :P but all of us are so crazy i'm almost sure that we'll get old & stay together for the rest of our lives. and remain crazy till we turn senile

yewchong: haha looks pretty real don't you think? lol