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Places of Interest in Macau

Honestly I put this absolutely dull & uninteresting title just so that more people will google it.

Muhaha yes evil me :P

You see it's very hard to write a post after a vacation since I don't want to come off as boring. Or show-offy. Or being too judgmental or overly self-obsessed. But WTH la. I think too much about what others think about me.

Ok this is going the wrong way. *shakes her head vigorously to stop emo-ing*

I'll start with Malaysian Airlines la then. Personal experience only, varies with different airplane models. Ours was pretty small.

Sigh. MAS is really cutting costs these days.

Last time there used to be a personal mini TV in front of our seats, can change channels/play games. Flight attendants served hot napkins before your meal and even gave meal menus for you to choose. AND I remembered ice cream after meals.

Now, there's not even headsets for the radio. The only remnants of a better off past are the holes (for the headsets) on the underside of the hand rests. I forgive the lack of ice cream but they don't even serve peanuts now!


If you ask they'll give you 3 or 4 packets sekaligus. So ask! (asking for it is NOT cheapskate). But not poker cards though; the air stewardess said they only give poker cards for Airbus A380 passengers only. Like do high class passengers need free poker cards? Or do the needy peasants like me could use them more? Logic, people. Logic.

After an hour plus of flight delay(ANOTHER thing to complain about MAS), we finally reached macau. *breathes out in relief*

Macau Tower

Honestly looks pretty much like KL tower. BUT with a couple more special features, like:
  • bungee-jumping (yes kenji wu 吴克群 did it too!)
  • sky-walking (as in walking on the rim of the tower)
~Two Japanese gals bracing the cold and darkness for the sky-walk--brave gals!~
  • and a see through glass on the floor (this one's pretty scary!)
The entrance fee is $80 (Adult) which is about RM 40 per person

St. Paul's Cathedral.

Something like A Famosa but a lot prettier and grander. (Sorry for being so unpatriotic :P) And guess what? Its only remains are the frontal facade of the church since it was involved in 3 cases of fires. Sounds a lot like what we have in Malaysia eh? Also left by penjajah Portugis.

Sands Casino

The building itself is very striking and eye-catching-black and metallic gold. All entrances lead to the casino. And I mean ALL of them. Very realistic eh.They have yellow-uniformed guards (see right pic) standing behind the sensors stuff at all entrances.. But this is the one of many casinos in Macau; the casinos are really like Asia's version of Las Vegas

The Venetian

~Yes the pics here are extra big to show you how opulent and gargantuan this place is, and the workers(I don't know the proper term) are all dressed with some Italian/Venice theme~

Super SUPER grand casino!

~See how smaller I look compared to the backdrop...~

This place is definitely not to be missed if you go to Macau. All casinos in Macau allow 18 years & above, but honestly if you look matured enough they won't check your passport/ID.

Unless you look something like me.

I have around 10 months before my 18th birthday le! *sob sob* Not that I want to gamble la, but the feeling of being able to enter "grown-up" places does make me feel a little more "macho" and a little less of a hobbit :)

But no worries because unlike Sands, children + teens can enter the shopping complexes and there are even Gondola rides :)
~With real people rowing them; unlike the ones in Genting~

~I don't think I need to explain why I didn't want to take pictures with this guy; just see the height difference between him and the guy in front of him~

The shopping complex is mainly catered for super rich customers with high-end labels like Tiffany & Co. (haha tiffy don't gloat here ok), French Connection, and some LOTS which I haven't heard before like Chevignon & Massimo Dutti but they sound expensive anyway :P

Haha Tiffy seriously I took this pic for you =)

~Escalators leading down to the casino~

So that's about it for Macau. Will blog about Hong Kong, soon ^^

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Ur review reli short. I belif u finish whole macau less than 2 days. Thanks for the short n not-so-boring review ;) cheerz