Tuesday, November 11

Sorry I simply can't keep this to myself :P

My moral assignment group did some videos for the topic bullying... please watch them and tell me what you think :)

hopefully it's not some lame SS video that no one understands :(

Enjoy! I seriously love them! All of them! (but honestly I think 3rd clip the funniest^^)

Clip 1: Cyberbullying

k la i post separately; takut blogger hang :P

remember to watch ALL of them! I demand you to!


callie said...

suzanne looks just so innocent in her uniform and bag in the doraemon sound clip. Hahaha

Anyway, a great job, for the sake of ART . hahaha I guess everyone's entertained.

KoK KeOnG said...

Wow.How on earth did you make all those video? It's so damn cool... U live in dorm also ar???

Librainy said...

callie: haha suzanne's so unlike her real self eh? :P ya glad most of us enjoyed it.. i hope :)

kok keong: no la i don't live in dorm... it's just for a moral project, we did it using windows movie maker, i think it's d music that makes it extra nice ^^