Friday, November 7

Friends Part 1: The Ol' Ones

(hehe I'm pretty much free now so this will be an excruciatingly long post :P)

It has been almost a year since I last said "selamat pagi cikgu". Since I last heard ringing school bells (apart from Inti Subang's faulty alarm system that rings whenever people smoke at the stairways). Since I last wore the blue pinafore that hugs dangerously close near the waistline (gasp!). Since I bought 1 ringgit for 5 keropok lekors at the school canteen (gosh NOW you think it's impossibly cheap).

Since I last cried at high school graduation (sadly it was less exciting than HSM 3... no Zac Efron for the Vanessa Hudgens *hint hint*... get it... *me me me* :P)

Since I had a complete (with this I mean a no-absentee) gathering with my friends. Seriously friends do come and go but this post goes to all those who have changed my life in one way or another.


Part 1: The Ol' Ones

Tiffany aka Klang Gal aka The Future PM (yay! the change we need ^^) I know they're like Crayon Sin Chan's.. XD~

~Tiffy next time we'd better kick a** together!~

Tiffy don't forget me after going over to Aussie kay? Keep in touch and keep that (sarcastic) sense of humour... and don't stop being brutally honest 'cause seriously I could hate you for that :P

Shake Yee aka Cheryl

~Best camwhore buddy^^~

~presenting the drama queens of the century~

Aww look how innocent you used to be... now off with new boyfriend d la *goes green with envy* but seriously don't get too carried off ya! Remember--anything besides holding hands may get you pregnant... haha okay no la it's just me being overly protective =) but do take care...

Qiuhong aka Grace

~fyi this is Langkawi and not Genting cable car... scenic backdrop + beautiful people=perfect! :P~

~gosh I KNOW you're staring at my eyebrows. again. focus on my straight teeth instead will ya?~

Thanks for bringing me closer to the Lord! You've been such a wonderful listener for the past 2 years and for being the non-brutally honest part of Tiffany (hey people I still need to hear some sweet stuff even if it's not entirely the truth okay)

Yenwoon aka Fallen Angel

~Us on msn video calls and fooling around :P~

~undying friendship~

Haiyo this one don't know what to say, 'cause seriously we've been friends for far too long; it's been 7 years plus and still we can carry on normal conversation! How amazing is that? Haha this gal's more brutally honest than Tiffy but still I have one question: How can you remember everyone's birthday (including primary school friends)? Gosh this girl can basically sacrifice almost everything for friends... Love you lots n lots n lots! Finish your SAM exam and we'll go karaoke again kay?

To be continued...

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