Monday, October 27

Pre-exam rantings

I just found out that actually I'm very easily distrac.. ooh I think I gotta cut my fingernails soon. (ok la not that serious)

I don't really finish reading forwarded emails (esp those "ladies please read this" ones :P) unless they're all visually attractive (yeah I could go through 1000 pics of LeeHom for sure ^^)

Sometimes (sometimes only ah) I don't really pay attention when people divulge their inner passion of anime/fine arts/HongKong TVB/wine tasting (sorry ah sis!) to me except add "oh, yeah" or "oh really? I didn't know that" etc.

And now here I am typing on my comp when there's semester EXAM this coming Thursday! I've spend my weekend being as distracted as I am now and the situation usually goes like this:

I FINALLY sit down by the dining table and open Chemistry book.

*10 mins of reading*

grabs at nearest Cleo mag. Stares at Song Hye-Kyo's (宋慧乔) non existent facial pores in the Laniege ad. For the 590th time. note to self: gotta start reading! mutters scientific terms under her breath.

*after 5 mins*

plays around with racing car game on handphone. camwhores. plays a song on her phone and starts singing along to it. finally conscience gets to her and she turns off everything and continue reading the same line.. again.

*a while later*

"The intermolecular forces of attraction will be van der Waals forces".. starts thinking of Serena van der Woodsen. Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass. Nate Archibald (ooh super cute!)

But not entirely my fault also! read this:

~from physics notes~

I have NO idea how did "medium" could end up as "madman".

Guess I was distracted. Again XD

p.s. I'm gonna change my blog layout once my stats reach 10,000 or I finally get my 1st nuffnang cheque. So if this layout really annoys you then cepatlah CLICK ON MY ADS!!! *cackle*


sheih nee said...

hi, now i only know u r 'lazier' than me! hehe... my sem exam will be end of november,but yours is in this week! so lets gambateh together ya, hope u get a good result then, i know u can!(no pressure ya :D)

幸福小馆 said...

wad course u take?

Librainy said...

sheih nee: okay thx same 2 u! all d best ^^

幸福小馆: ohh no la a-levels, but taking physics as one of my subjects...

YewChong said...

HAHHA, your physics note :D
&&& your physics quite canggih ah, i have never seen that formula for waves before, haha.

YewChong said...

i dropped a comment but it didn't appear, so umm i am doing this again (duh).
YOUR PHYSICS NOTE, haha, madman, rright you must be thinking of some madman (hopefully not me) (duh). &&& your formula for waves is so canggih T____T no wonder they say CAL is tougher than SAM.

Librainy said...

haha yuh my physics exams r always really tough.. i think la... but d questions r mostly from past yrs so i jz try doing them n if i dun get it i jz memorize the answers.. how pathetic is that :P