Sunday, June 28

5S2 Class gathering + Random shots

Psst. I think it's fair to say that King of Pop Michael Jackson got a lot more recognition for his music after his (tragic!) death. Before that, we were all to too absorbed in his scandalous child molestation lawsuits and jokes about his nose dropping off in an airplane. Heck, his moonwalk and 45 degree lean--timeless!

The secret to his 45 degree lean here.

Anyway went for 5S2 class gathering last night at Station 1 near Klang Parade. And just yesterday there was this rumour going on that someone got H1N1 flu at Klang Parade... I was pretty worried about it too since I'm paranoid and uhh.. forget it. I can go on and write 2 paragraph worth of ways to contract the flu.

Only 1 picture taken! Oops I forgot to remove red eye (and photoshop my double chin!) From left, clockwise: Grace, Sue Ann, Chee Ling, Me

Only around 20 something out of 46 people showed up, including couple of non-5S2-ians.

Absentees are either overseas or busy with studies... and some of the ones who showed up are going to leave Malaysia soon anyway. Good luck to everyone!

Random shots:

There's been a recent craze of Rubik's Cube. Around 80% of the gals in my class are almost "pro"s (but we cannot flip quickly like you see on tv though T.T)

WY being enviously looked on by Ah Loo

BS reminds you of something? "My preciousss...."

Times bookstore warehouse sale at Centro Klang today! Total damage: RM 54. Bet it's even cheaper than a copy of Stephenie Meyer!

Mom and I tried out our new oven with cupcakes! Though they looked kind of rough but there's still a sense of accomplishment when it tasted pretty okay :)

Feeling kind of fat now. Off to do some hula hoops!
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Sunday, June 21

Recap for the week

Psst: You know what's good about karaoke? It's only once you start singing that you realize you don't sing as well as you think, thus reducing inflated ego by a notch :)

Father's Day Celebration

We treated dad to Green Box and Haagen Dazs. But he ended up paying for the ice-cream 'cause I didn't bring enough cash! (which cost alot more than the karaoke)

Banana Split! From left, apricot, mango sorbet, tiramisu. Loved the tiramisu flavour(contains alcohol) and apricot was not bad too :)

Single Scoop with Waffle cone

NOW you know where I got my (bushy!) eyebrows.

To dad:

Even though you grumble A LOT when I drive and treat every pedestrian/motorcyclist/driver like they're about to ram into me, I know it's for my own good and I'm still quite an inexperience driver for now. And even though your ego gets the better of you most of the time, I'm not that much different from you, honestly speaking :). So instead of getting mushy over father's day, I hope that you'll learn to let your hair down (figuratively, obviously) and relax. Learn to spend your hard-earned money on yourself instead of on us and don't wince when the item we/you want are not on SALE. Stop using Murphy's Law ("Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.") and stop checking your bank account balance for a while! hehe XD

College Moments

Happy 18th Lih Yi! our Queen of "lan sok" (<--in cantonese; means socializing with strangers)

20 muffins courtesy of WY & US $, at Mama's house

...and that makes me the youngest one in class now! (and the only one still technically unable to watch R-rated movies o.O)

Anyway read David's blog (from another A level class) and he sort of made a brief intro about his classmates... Will do that at a later date (when we are really going to part ways *sobs*) so here are just 0.001% of the 203948302482098 pictures we took ^^

KK playing with her scarf... Scared the helluva SH! She was reminded of the old lady from Drag me to Hell...

So you think you got larger eyes?

Fooling around during Bio lab :)

How Grace will look like if she sees David Archuleta in person

Oh ya went up Genting on Saturday for a "workmates" reunion. Check out my pics on facebook here.
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Thursday, June 18

What friends are for / Taiwan kuanmootuan

Lifts overloading- every girl-with-considerable-amount-of-self-esteem's nightmare. No one wants to be the last to step into the lift and hear the automated lady voice beep "overload" or something like that.

Anyway it was probably one of Inti's lift peak hours during the overload incident. All of our class members stepped into the lift, plus 4 - 5 guys from another course. The automated lady voice beeped.

SH, CC & Sweat got out of the lift. The lady stopped beeping.

But for some peculiar reason, one of the guys-from-another-course decided to get out.

We ushered SH, CC & Sweat in.

The lady did not beep!

One of the guys left in the lift let out an evil half-hearted scoff cum laugh.

HAHAHAHAH. Way to go, "friend"!


Anyone interested in going for this Taiwan "melawat sambil belajar" trip? Check out this poster: (click on image to magnify)

Costs around RM 2000+ but the whole trip takes around 3 weeks! Imagine all the places you can go (and the shopping you can do!) the only downside is that my friend came back with an extra baggage of 5 kg o.O

Find out more here.

I'm still weighing my options! But for now, the A/H1N1 flu will not deter the shopaholic/traveller in me!

Friday, June 12

Of Food, Fun and Fright

Psst: My dad to me, over breakfast--"H1N1 flu reached global pandemic stage 6 already, 11 people in China died of mad dog disease and you're still on your diet?" Me to dad--"Hey you know obesity rate also increasing okay"

We celebrated Kay Kay's birthday yesterday by sneaking into her house @ Bdr Sri Damansara for a surprise visit.. and she didn't suspect a thing!

So despite having crappy bus drivers, telling TONS of white lies and sneaking around her neighbourhood (imagine 9 people hiding behind the a bush of bunga kertas!), all of it was worth the effort :)

SH risking her LIFE to write a birthday message for Kaykay! See how much we love you??

Due to the dangerous act above, all of them ended up behind bars.

Our hiding place where we could see but could not be seen...

Final preparations before Kay kay came back; we squeezed pathetically under the table later

Happy 19th Kay Kay!! Savour your last year with a -teen behind it *grin*

Ok so the rest of the post will be split into sections so you can skip them if you want to:

Movie at GSC 1 Utama: Drag Me To Hell
SH and I had backache after watching the movie since we hid behind my tote bag placed between both of us whenever the music turned TOO suspenseful. OR when suddenly everything turns eeriely quiet.

ShowEast Trade Show 2008 :: Movie Poster for D...Image by Zengrrl via Flickr

Honestly this was the very FIRST time I watched a horror movie at the cinemas; I've never been able to overcome the fear of where my own imagination will take me!

The movie (at least a combination of fleeting glances of it) is about a girl who works as a bank loan officer. She refuses to extend an old gypsy woman's loan.The gypsy gets angry and places a curse on her. After a series of scary (obviously) events, she consults a psychic and finds out that she has to get rid of the curse in 3 days, or else the demon (aka Lamia) will come and take her life.

Throughout the movie, there were guys who laughed at the most inappropriate moments; like when a sacrificial goat appeared, and when a house fly strutted into the girl's nostril and back out through the other. Maybe they were super freaked out too but expressing it differently?

I would say not as scary as the Thai movie Shutter (the only OTHER horror movie that I've watched) but it got pretty good ratings from critics. But I'm more apprehensive about watching Transformers 2 at IMAX Theatre! Hopefully the plan to Times Square will work out :)

Food: Mr. Baoz
Taiwan-based company that makes "bao"s that look like doughnuts but taste like "bao"s. RM 15 for half a dozen, which is slightly more expensive than doughnuts.

Feel the wrath of the swarming crowd at KL Sentral KTM station @ 6pm! Notice the one with chocolate topping has been slightly chopped off o.O It was like half of Malaysia's population were trying to get into the train. Gawd.

The best that I'd tried was:

Curry Chicken Baoz--> tastes like when you dip you normal "bao" into curry! Spicy enough too :)

Viennese Cheese --> filled with sausage slices and other delicious stuffs; the exterior was really soft too!

TAKE NOTE: If you don't plan to eat immediately, it's best to place a small cup of water into the microwave oven together with the "bao" when you reheat. Or not it's gets dehydrated and tastes pretty tough...

And last but not least, Happy Birthday Grandma! I forgot how old she is this year but it's best that way don't you think?

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Wednesday, June 10

Cash, Breeze & Currents

Psst: Don't you ever get the feeling of losing track of life's purpose after a major exam? I'm like "there's nothing to study today..."

A (feeble) attempt to dramatize what happened after our final AS paper today:

The scorching sun was upon us, mercilessly. We were on our way to KK's car (she sends us to the train station). SH is stopped by a friend, and passes some RM 10 & RM 50 bills to her. SH holds on to the wad of cash, words are exchanged.

Whoosh, a gentle breeze sweeps by, and the paper money flips around in joy. It wants to be free, but is still held tightly in SH's clasp.

Whoooosh, a stronger gust of wind blows. 3 pieces of RM10 escapes SH's grip and falls flat to the ground.

Coincidentally, SH was standing beside a drain, those with slits in it.

We let out a yelp.

Being as lightning as possible, I kneel down to snatch 2 of the 3 pieces.

Wind decides to get naughty after discovering the precariousness of the situation. The remaining RM 10 made a 90 degree flip and fell headlong, headfirst into the black undercurrents.

*insert 5 high pitched simultaneous screams here*

----End of bad storytelling----

We were discussing what SH could tell her mom about the RM 10.

"So sorry mom the money fell into the drain after the wind blew it out of my hands"

"Mom we can go wait for it to appear at Klang river" (suggested by Suzanne)

Gosh and I thought these would only happen in movies!

Monday, June 8

Democracy, just what we need

A competition I decided to join on a whim. The moment I saw the iPod touch I knew I was it's rightful owner.. So please watch the movie I posted below and vote for me(if you like it, of course)! If I win I'll let you touch it XD

Thursday, June 4

MDD- Mom Dependency Disorder

With mom whisked away to Scotland with sis for more than a week now, it's a miracle Dad and I are still ventilating. THANKFULLY there's ah kong & ah ma to keep us fed & alive for the week. It's amazing how many things you don't realize moms do for you!

And NOW I know why my mom cleans the house so often. I clean toilet bowl, and the next day there's poop stuck to the side already! (don't ask me who, I asked but no one owned up) I sweep + mop the floor, and the very next day it gets dusty.

Like what's the point??

I'm now considering introducing disposable poop-bags and disposable shoes to be worn in the house so we won't turn into a disease carrying household that suffers from MDD (refer to blog title)

Oh ya and the breakfast! Usually I just wake up and breakfast is prepared, or at least the raw materials for it are accessible (eg sausages/jam/peanut butter/cheese) but now my dad, also an MDD sufferer, fails (or ignores!) this whole process and once again, ah kong & ah ma saves the day.

And ah ma felt a little dizzy yesterday and asked me to take her blood pressure (we have the battery operated one, not the manual one). I think it was 140/79 and I had to double check my Bio textbook to know which category it fell in! So un-professional. If it was my mom she would be like "Oh it's a bit high, maybe because..." and she'll give a reasonable explanation for it. And anyway it'll help ah ma psychologically anyway since my mom's (a nurse) more credible ma. When I had to refer to my books, she gave me that skeptical "Haiyo shouldn't have asked her in the first place" look.

Oh ya speaking of my ah ma, she told me an incident yesterday and I almost laughed my head off. I think my sense of humour is getting stranger and stranger. Maybe it's cause I haven't laughed in a while. Here it is: (translated from Mandarin, of course)

She was talking about how troublesome stray cats were.

Ah Ma: You know there used to be a stray cat who LOVED to poop under our staircase. EVERY DAY also have to poop there.

Me: Then what did you do?

Ah Ma: One day I cannot tahan already so I took it by the neck and forced it to eat its own poop.

Me: (ROFL-ing) How did you force it?

Ah Ma: Just put its mouth near to the poop and it started eating lo..

Me: omg hahahahahhahaa

Oh nooo I think I seriously need a social life. Anyone found that funny or is it just me?

Anyway I found this video here, and it's about why Caucasian guys get Asian girls but Asian guys rarely get to date Caucasian gals. Pretty funny! Esp in the "Ni Hao Ma" part. So true!

Monday, June 1

The Painful Wait

10 more days and I can finally:
  • go shopping!
  • start a movie marathon
  • learn up all my pop songs on the piano
  • pick up a novel and start READING again!
In the mean time, let's just mope at skype snapshots of my mom and sis in Scotland.

Muhaha that's the closest you'll get to Scotland... For now XD

My gorgeous sis! Sorry but she's taken, guys :)

That's mom on the couch. They're at the hotel lounge where there's free Wi-Fi access.

Wish me luck tahan-ing my cravings for everything but studies till next Wed!

p.s. hope you didn't mind the music playlist at the side.. just trying to brainwash everyone that stops by to like adam and kris XD