Friday, June 12

Of Food, Fun and Fright

Psst: My dad to me, over breakfast--"H1N1 flu reached global pandemic stage 6 already, 11 people in China died of mad dog disease and you're still on your diet?" Me to dad--"Hey you know obesity rate also increasing okay"

We celebrated Kay Kay's birthday yesterday by sneaking into her house @ Bdr Sri Damansara for a surprise visit.. and she didn't suspect a thing!

So despite having crappy bus drivers, telling TONS of white lies and sneaking around her neighbourhood (imagine 9 people hiding behind the a bush of bunga kertas!), all of it was worth the effort :)

SH risking her LIFE to write a birthday message for Kaykay! See how much we love you??

Due to the dangerous act above, all of them ended up behind bars.

Our hiding place where we could see but could not be seen...

Final preparations before Kay kay came back; we squeezed pathetically under the table later

Happy 19th Kay Kay!! Savour your last year with a -teen behind it *grin*

Ok so the rest of the post will be split into sections so you can skip them if you want to:

Movie at GSC 1 Utama: Drag Me To Hell
SH and I had backache after watching the movie since we hid behind my tote bag placed between both of us whenever the music turned TOO suspenseful. OR when suddenly everything turns eeriely quiet.

ShowEast Trade Show 2008 :: Movie Poster for D...Image by Zengrrl via Flickr

Honestly this was the very FIRST time I watched a horror movie at the cinemas; I've never been able to overcome the fear of where my own imagination will take me!

The movie (at least a combination of fleeting glances of it) is about a girl who works as a bank loan officer. She refuses to extend an old gypsy woman's loan.The gypsy gets angry and places a curse on her. After a series of scary (obviously) events, she consults a psychic and finds out that she has to get rid of the curse in 3 days, or else the demon (aka Lamia) will come and take her life.

Throughout the movie, there were guys who laughed at the most inappropriate moments; like when a sacrificial goat appeared, and when a house fly strutted into the girl's nostril and back out through the other. Maybe they were super freaked out too but expressing it differently?

I would say not as scary as the Thai movie Shutter (the only OTHER horror movie that I've watched) but it got pretty good ratings from critics. But I'm more apprehensive about watching Transformers 2 at IMAX Theatre! Hopefully the plan to Times Square will work out :)

Food: Mr. Baoz
Taiwan-based company that makes "bao"s that look like doughnuts but taste like "bao"s. RM 15 for half a dozen, which is slightly more expensive than doughnuts.

Feel the wrath of the swarming crowd at KL Sentral KTM station @ 6pm! Notice the one with chocolate topping has been slightly chopped off o.O It was like half of Malaysia's population were trying to get into the train. Gawd.

The best that I'd tried was:

Curry Chicken Baoz--> tastes like when you dip you normal "bao" into curry! Spicy enough too :)

Viennese Cheese --> filled with sausage slices and other delicious stuffs; the exterior was really soft too!

TAKE NOTE: If you don't plan to eat immediately, it's best to place a small cup of water into the microwave oven together with the "bao" when you reheat. Or not it's gets dehydrated and tastes pretty tough...

And last but not least, Happy Birthday Grandma! I forgot how old she is this year but it's best that way don't you think?

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callie said...

You know which part that freaked me out the most? When Christine went to the garage and took her stuff and the lady suddenly appeared. because its too sudden. and I screamed for the first time when I watch horror movies. hahaha

*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

"Feel the wrath of the swarming crowd at KL Sentral KTM station @ 6pm!"

Welcome to my world, girlfriend... bwahhahahah.. LOL.

Anyways, where to? and when?

Tze Hui said...

callie: yeah that was the ONLY part in the whole show where I didn't anticipate the old lady would appear... 'cause no special sound effects... and the old lady's goo from her mouth was damn gross le..

yenwoon: yeah really it was damn terrible.. and we lined up at the green line instead of the blue.. no wonder there weren't anyone behind us la