Sunday, June 21

Recap for the week

Psst: You know what's good about karaoke? It's only once you start singing that you realize you don't sing as well as you think, thus reducing inflated ego by a notch :)

Father's Day Celebration

We treated dad to Green Box and Haagen Dazs. But he ended up paying for the ice-cream 'cause I didn't bring enough cash! (which cost alot more than the karaoke)

Banana Split! From left, apricot, mango sorbet, tiramisu. Loved the tiramisu flavour(contains alcohol) and apricot was not bad too :)

Single Scoop with Waffle cone

NOW you know where I got my (bushy!) eyebrows.

To dad:

Even though you grumble A LOT when I drive and treat every pedestrian/motorcyclist/driver like they're about to ram into me, I know it's for my own good and I'm still quite an inexperience driver for now. And even though your ego gets the better of you most of the time, I'm not that much different from you, honestly speaking :). So instead of getting mushy over father's day, I hope that you'll learn to let your hair down (figuratively, obviously) and relax. Learn to spend your hard-earned money on yourself instead of on us and don't wince when the item we/you want are not on SALE. Stop using Murphy's Law ("Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.") and stop checking your bank account balance for a while! hehe XD

College Moments

Happy 18th Lih Yi! our Queen of "lan sok" (<--in cantonese; means socializing with strangers)

20 muffins courtesy of WY & US $, at Mama's house

...and that makes me the youngest one in class now! (and the only one still technically unable to watch R-rated movies o.O)

Anyway read David's blog (from another A level class) and he sort of made a brief intro about his classmates... Will do that at a later date (when we are really going to part ways *sobs*) so here are just 0.001% of the 203948302482098 pictures we took ^^

KK playing with her scarf... Scared the helluva SH! She was reminded of the old lady from Drag me to Hell...

So you think you got larger eyes?

Fooling around during Bio lab :)

How Grace will look like if she sees David Archuleta in person

Oh ya went up Genting on Saturday for a "workmates" reunion. Check out my pics on facebook here.
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callie said...

write bout us now la. haha. I guess its all gonna be how loud we laugh and eat. and ask for breaks during class. lol.

Lol. Seriously wei, kk scare SH and SH screams then mama and I scream too. Lol. It really looks like the Mrs Ganusha la.

Tze Hui said...

callie: haha can also :) yeah kk's scarf damn scary, really...