Sunday, June 28

5S2 Class gathering + Random shots

Psst. I think it's fair to say that King of Pop Michael Jackson got a lot more recognition for his music after his (tragic!) death. Before that, we were all to too absorbed in his scandalous child molestation lawsuits and jokes about his nose dropping off in an airplane. Heck, his moonwalk and 45 degree lean--timeless!

The secret to his 45 degree lean here.

Anyway went for 5S2 class gathering last night at Station 1 near Klang Parade. And just yesterday there was this rumour going on that someone got H1N1 flu at Klang Parade... I was pretty worried about it too since I'm paranoid and uhh.. forget it. I can go on and write 2 paragraph worth of ways to contract the flu.

Only 1 picture taken! Oops I forgot to remove red eye (and photoshop my double chin!) From left, clockwise: Grace, Sue Ann, Chee Ling, Me

Only around 20 something out of 46 people showed up, including couple of non-5S2-ians.

Absentees are either overseas or busy with studies... and some of the ones who showed up are going to leave Malaysia soon anyway. Good luck to everyone!

Random shots:

There's been a recent craze of Rubik's Cube. Around 80% of the gals in my class are almost "pro"s (but we cannot flip quickly like you see on tv though T.T)

WY being enviously looked on by Ah Loo

BS reminds you of something? "My preciousss...."

Times bookstore warehouse sale at Centro Klang today! Total damage: RM 54. Bet it's even cheaper than a copy of Stephenie Meyer!

Mom and I tried out our new oven with cupcakes! Though they looked kind of rough but there's still a sense of accomplishment when it tasted pretty okay :)

Feeling kind of fat now. Off to do some hula hoops!
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Wingz said...

Enviously??? Why??LOL

ayesha said...

Hello there!
The times book sale looks like a bargain. why didn't i check it out -.-

you can make some simple icing to go with the cupcakes! that'd be fun.

Tze Hui said...

ayesha: hey! yeah i saw it last minute on sunday star...

and the cupcakes turned out really funny! will make a 2nd attempt at it, my friends said it tasted like mooncakes o.O

maybe i'll top it with some icing once i can make proper cupcakes :)