Thursday, June 4

MDD- Mom Dependency Disorder

With mom whisked away to Scotland with sis for more than a week now, it's a miracle Dad and I are still ventilating. THANKFULLY there's ah kong & ah ma to keep us fed & alive for the week. It's amazing how many things you don't realize moms do for you!

And NOW I know why my mom cleans the house so often. I clean toilet bowl, and the next day there's poop stuck to the side already! (don't ask me who, I asked but no one owned up) I sweep + mop the floor, and the very next day it gets dusty.

Like what's the point??

I'm now considering introducing disposable poop-bags and disposable shoes to be worn in the house so we won't turn into a disease carrying household that suffers from MDD (refer to blog title)

Oh ya and the breakfast! Usually I just wake up and breakfast is prepared, or at least the raw materials for it are accessible (eg sausages/jam/peanut butter/cheese) but now my dad, also an MDD sufferer, fails (or ignores!) this whole process and once again, ah kong & ah ma saves the day.

And ah ma felt a little dizzy yesterday and asked me to take her blood pressure (we have the battery operated one, not the manual one). I think it was 140/79 and I had to double check my Bio textbook to know which category it fell in! So un-professional. If it was my mom she would be like "Oh it's a bit high, maybe because..." and she'll give a reasonable explanation for it. And anyway it'll help ah ma psychologically anyway since my mom's (a nurse) more credible ma. When I had to refer to my books, she gave me that skeptical "Haiyo shouldn't have asked her in the first place" look.

Oh ya speaking of my ah ma, she told me an incident yesterday and I almost laughed my head off. I think my sense of humour is getting stranger and stranger. Maybe it's cause I haven't laughed in a while. Here it is: (translated from Mandarin, of course)

She was talking about how troublesome stray cats were.

Ah Ma: You know there used to be a stray cat who LOVED to poop under our staircase. EVERY DAY also have to poop there.

Me: Then what did you do?

Ah Ma: One day I cannot tahan already so I took it by the neck and forced it to eat its own poop.

Me: (ROFL-ing) How did you force it?

Ah Ma: Just put its mouth near to the poop and it started eating lo..

Me: omg hahahahahhahaa

Oh nooo I think I seriously need a social life. Anyone found that funny or is it just me?

Anyway I found this video here, and it's about why Caucasian guys get Asian girls but Asian guys rarely get to date Caucasian gals. Pretty funny! Esp in the "Ni Hao Ma" part. So true!


mad said...

Thanks for the link! I linked you back.

Good luck with the poop. ;)

Tze Hui said...

mad: no problem n love your blog btw! insightful n refreshingly funny :)