Monday, June 1

The Painful Wait

10 more days and I can finally:
  • go shopping!
  • start a movie marathon
  • learn up all my pop songs on the piano
  • pick up a novel and start READING again!
In the mean time, let's just mope at skype snapshots of my mom and sis in Scotland.

Muhaha that's the closest you'll get to Scotland... For now XD

My gorgeous sis! Sorry but she's taken, guys :)

That's mom on the couch. They're at the hotel lounge where there's free Wi-Fi access.

Wish me luck tahan-ing my cravings for everything but studies till next Wed!

p.s. hope you didn't mind the music playlist at the side.. just trying to brainwash everyone that stops by to like adam and kris XD

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