Thursday, June 18

What friends are for / Taiwan kuanmootuan

Lifts overloading- every girl-with-considerable-amount-of-self-esteem's nightmare. No one wants to be the last to step into the lift and hear the automated lady voice beep "overload" or something like that.

Anyway it was probably one of Inti's lift peak hours during the overload incident. All of our class members stepped into the lift, plus 4 - 5 guys from another course. The automated lady voice beeped.

SH, CC & Sweat got out of the lift. The lady stopped beeping.

But for some peculiar reason, one of the guys-from-another-course decided to get out.

We ushered SH, CC & Sweat in.

The lady did not beep!

One of the guys left in the lift let out an evil half-hearted scoff cum laugh.

HAHAHAHAH. Way to go, "friend"!


Anyone interested in going for this Taiwan "melawat sambil belajar" trip? Check out this poster: (click on image to magnify)

Costs around RM 2000+ but the whole trip takes around 3 weeks! Imagine all the places you can go (and the shopping you can do!) the only downside is that my friend came back with an extra baggage of 5 kg o.O

Find out more here.

I'm still weighing my options! But for now, the A/H1N1 flu will not deter the shopaholic/traveller in me!


callie said...

Go for the trip la. between 5kgs(may be more or less) and all shaop till you're reallllllly drop. I would choose weight gain. I mean, you never know whether will you really gain weight or not.

*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

Pity that person. I bet all the people are doing calculations of 1 guy's weight = 3 girls. or something... mine's even more embarrassing though... Thankgoodness it was with my relatives. I was the last to get in and it started beeping... and then I got out... and to my horror, it stopped beeping... T_T

Tze Hui said...

callie: yeah i'll just eat small amounts of everything i suppose :) and yeah the clothes/shoes/bags are the greatest temptations to go there!

fallen angel: haha oops.. but maybe the guy was trying to be gentlemanly or something