Wednesday, June 10

Cash, Breeze & Currents

Psst: Don't you ever get the feeling of losing track of life's purpose after a major exam? I'm like "there's nothing to study today..."

A (feeble) attempt to dramatize what happened after our final AS paper today:

The scorching sun was upon us, mercilessly. We were on our way to KK's car (she sends us to the train station). SH is stopped by a friend, and passes some RM 10 & RM 50 bills to her. SH holds on to the wad of cash, words are exchanged.

Whoosh, a gentle breeze sweeps by, and the paper money flips around in joy. It wants to be free, but is still held tightly in SH's clasp.

Whoooosh, a stronger gust of wind blows. 3 pieces of RM10 escapes SH's grip and falls flat to the ground.

Coincidentally, SH was standing beside a drain, those with slits in it.

We let out a yelp.

Being as lightning as possible, I kneel down to snatch 2 of the 3 pieces.

Wind decides to get naughty after discovering the precariousness of the situation. The remaining RM 10 made a 90 degree flip and fell headlong, headfirst into the black undercurrents.

*insert 5 high pitched simultaneous screams here*

----End of bad storytelling----

We were discussing what SH could tell her mom about the RM 10.

"So sorry mom the money fell into the drain after the wind blew it out of my hands"

"Mom we can go wait for it to appear at Klang river" (suggested by Suzanne)

Gosh and I thought these would only happen in movies!


callie said...

Yesss. I am like going around with like no motive. I feel damn lost and cried. hahaha

Tze Hui said...

callie: suddenly too much time to kill right?