Tuesday, September 1

Mixed feelings

To read full story, please turn to 2nd last page of Starmag, just behind Dear Thelma (I don't have relationship problems etc okay)

FYI my article got published in the Sunday Star! It's either
  1. I don't have many friends who read english newspapers on Sunday
  2. I don't have many friends who read english newspapers, or
  3. I don't have many friends -_-"
cause no one noticed! (apart from my cousin manndee n some aunts--informed by my mom o.O)

I mean, it's not a big deal but obviously I would've liked it if people I knew spotted it... :) See? My ASD (attention seeking disorder) has left me with no choice but to flaunt my insignificant achievements like I just got engaged with Joe Jonas or something...

And this goes to one of my closest pals in college, Sweat.

Thanks for all the memories for the past year, bayi! It's been fun with you around, AND you're not over-confident; we WILL miss you...just take care ok, and remember we'll stick with you no matter what road you choose :) friends for life! Hope that everything will go smoothly for you from now on, and please call us when everything's settled ^^

Still loving you,

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