Saturday, September 5

Getting Things Straight

Being the usual busybody, I overheard a conversation on the KTM and desperately wanted to participate. (though I wasn't part of the clique) So here's my unspoken part:

Some people assume that blogs=diaries. And if they don't have a blog and people ask them, the standard answer is "I don't plan on letting everyone know all my personal/private stuff."

HELLO?? No one said you HAD to write your deepest, darkest secrets for viewing pleasure (but it would be damn juicy la, obviously)

Blogging is like freewriting! Write whatever, whenever you feel like it, unless you want to have a loyal school of readers, then it's better to write consistently and don't crap too much.

When I first started blogging, I was really obsessed about people reading my blog and posting comments... and later I figured it was really tiring amassing a bunch of readers against their will. (and later found out some high school friends DO read my blog; just that they don't comment^^) Now I just write, though I'm not sure what drives me to blog consistently...

As for blogging material, there are unlimited things to write about. And different styles too. Some people go emo all the time (haiz.. he didn't choi me today.. why ah? did I do something wrong? haiz...) post the same camwhored pics taken from 2145875 different angles, or choose a controversial topic to blog about, for the sake of freedom of speech.

Alternatively, people use blogs to earn revenue, either through advertisements (oh ya click on my nuffnang ads ya) or open blogshops, selling items ranging from accessories, clothing to cupcakes.

Or, like me, a mixture of everything. I would categorize myself as an emo-monologue-camwhore blogger. My blogs are not really informative, so if you want to actually exercise your brain, run along then. Go browse wikipedia or something.

Well then! About time for me to do some revision before Grey's Anatomy ^^
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天使 said...

hi tze, jst to let u know tat i read ur blog and i comment as well~~~ (sometimes...)


then wat category am i in??
sampat rojak???

Tze Hui said...

haha thx for ur support ya.. ^^

no la ur blog is cute n personal, plus u have high readership..:)